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Innovative Breakthroughs Made in Stress Management


Magarpatta, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- Chaos frequents the lives of many. Be it professional or personal, stress has its own way of making an impact affecting productivity. There have been many remedies introduced in the past to deal with stress but, to date nothing has proved to be quite worth the effort. To this end, a person who has managed to make headway by creating his own unique formula to get a grip on chaos is Arindam Chattopadhyay.

Arindam can easily be tagged as a leader in stress management. Being a victim of stress in the past, Arindam sought opportunity from adversity and came up with a mantra to help hundreds deal with stress and make the most of their abilities. Arindam runs a blog that can easily be claimed the Bible of stress management. His blog has something for everyone. It has tips on how to manage workplace stress, latest happenings on politics and hot topics concerning economics.

A latest post on Arindam’s blog talks about 7 practical and functional ways to deal with stress. These measures explain how stress can be controlled and how presence of it can boost productivity. Arindam is not a preacher but, someone who can provide practical advice that can help alleviate stress from any kind of situation. Some tips may come across as being unconventional but, this is where Arindam’s experience and expertise come into play.

Arindam draws parallel from the works of popular authors and researchers. Far from being mundane, preachy and ordinary, Arindam’s blog on chaos/stress management has useful information that can come handy to a variety of instances and individuals. To know more and subscribe to the blog by email, log onto

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