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Innovative E-Chain System from Igus Makes the Supply of Energy Very Easy

Innovative design principles, system options and GL certificates for chainflex cables open up new possibilities


Bangalore, Karnataka -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2014 -- At the upcoming Hanover Show, igus will be presenting new components and systems for supplying energy in rough environments – whether for chip removal in machine tools, heavy duty offshore applications, or in sensitive and cleanroom production processes, the innovative e-chain systems from igus make the supply of energy very easy.

Plug & Play: pluggable energy chain system “readychain speed” >>>
New from igus, the readychain system revolutionizes the assembled e-chain system. Designers have fused connectors and mounting brackets into a single unit that can be plugged directly into the control cabinet. With the new readychain speed system, the connection of assembled e-chain systems can be done in seconds, and without the need for tools. The e-chain can be mounted quickly and comfortable during the production process, especially in production lines that manufacture moderate amounts of high value components, or inexpensive components in large numbers at high speeds. This allows machine downtime to be reduced to a minimum.
Know more about igus ready chains: http://www.igus.in/wpck/2924/readychainfactory

New chip tight tube opens from either direction
For the machine tool industry, igus has developed a new chip-tight tube, the R2.75. For simple filling, the tube is able to be opened from both the left and right sides. The extreme tightness against dust and chips is achieved thanks to the special shape of the tube, which allows chips and debris to simply slide off the carrier. Additionally, the R2.75 offers a very tight bend radious of just 130 mm.
Visit this link for more details: http://www.igus.in/wpck/11495/N14_1_0_Overview_EC?playlistid=49

igus e-rover: automatic coupling of the energy chain >>>
Noise emissions, constantly rising diesel prices and environmental protection make the conversion from diesel to electric drives for rubber tired container cranes (RTGs) is almost inevitable. igus has now gone further to develop the e-rover system, that meets all requirements. The e-rover consists of a coupling device including the energy chains: A telescoping arm connects the chain of the trolley with the energizing chain on the floor. In this case, the telescope has two functions: first, the RTG is automatically electrically coupled so that is receiving power and data, then automatically compensates for the lateral misalignment caused by the drive movement and any differences in height. Even data transmissions via fiber optics are no longer an obstacle with the weatherproof e-rover.

For more info please visit: http://www.igus.in/wpck/6511/N10_1_15_E_Rover

Heavy-duty offshore applications encounter igus’ energy made easy >>>
igus proves its knowledge of development of energy supply systems with an offshore chain specifically developed for heavy-duty applications, to guide cables for undersea drilling. A flexible, rugged chain body protects the cables and hoses against mechanical impact, as well as damage from the outside. In combination with an open designed, a pin-hole connection was deliberately avoided to prevent the accumulation of dirt. At the Hannover Fair, a test set-up will demonstrate the system’s capabilities. Around 3,5 meters long, the underwater chain, made of special plastic, hangs on the testing apparatus where is must withstand – just as in real-life – very high tensile forces. Designed for drilling ships, oil platforms, ports, and ships, the relatively open system can be used above and below the water’s surface.

Flexible even in the cleanroom >>>
For highly dynamic pick-and-place applications like in a cleanroom, igus has introduced an energy chain with a flexible and abrasion-resistant enclosure, which has already been certified ISO Class 1 by the Fraunhofer Institute IPA. The igus CRC’s built in enclosure is able to be opened for maintenance and inspection purposes. Moreover, the built-in energy chain guides all cables in the allotted bending radius, and its smooth contours of the crossbars and side plates make its interior cable-friendly. In combination with the low-abrasion jacket materials of igus’ chainflex cables, the igus CRC cleanroom system guarantees a long service life.

The first and only GL certificates for e-chain cables: igus chainflex >>>

igus chainflex cables have been approved as the first and only cabled for dynamically moving applications on ships and offshore applications in energy chains by the German Lloyd classification society. Here, pioneering work was undertaken by both igus and German Lloyd. For the first time, the cables have been specifically tested for continuous motion in GL-type examinations. Using this framework, igus is able to bring the experience of its unique chainflex test program. So far, there have been no standards or approval procedures for moving e-chain cables. In the past, the standards or approval procedures for moving applications were the same as for cable materials in fixed installation. However, these are far from sufficient for continuously moving e-chain applications. With the GL certificates for control, measurement system, bus, motor, and servo cables of various types and families, igus has extended its lead as the manufacturer of e-chain cables with the most approvals and certificates.

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