Innovative Farming Community Announces the Launch of Its Crowdfunding Campaign on

Striving to establish a sustainable, commercial-scale indoor farm with top-notch produce


Fort Payne, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2013 -- Innovative Farming Community, an indoor farm program striving to create sustainable living through food and employment, is excited to announce the launch of its new crowdfunding campaign on

The crowdfunding campaign started September 19, 2013, and will continue through November 1, 2013. The goal for this campaign is set at $3,450,000. Investors can contribute as little as $5 to help Innovative Farming Community start its first installation of the project: the IFC Working Laboratory. This project will help establish the manufacturing processes needed while figuring out protocols so that IFC facilities can maximize their square footage and establish efficient growing rooms.

Innovative Farming Community strives to establish a food production method that can sustain life and keep up with the consumption rate in the country. With over 80 percent of fresh food already imported to the United States, IFC is working to establish a system that decreases the U.S.’s need for dependency on other countries by providing a stable, consistent indoor-farming system.

“Food shortages are occurring everywhere,” states owner and IFC creator Chad Shugart. “Inconsistent weather and water issues are stressing agriculture everywhere and the U.S. isn’t safe from this. My goal is to establish a sustainable indoor-farming system now, before critical situations arise and leave our country without food to sustain life. Food security should be our country’s number one goal.”

Innovative Farming Community’s indoor-farming system increases the protection of crops and creates a highly-controlled, repeatable food production process that will result in high volume shipments. In addition, Innovative Farming Community is looking to transform empty, unused buildings into indoor farming spaces. Not only will this decrease real estate vacancies, but it can establish new jobs for struggling regions.

Contributions range from $5 up to $7,500. Higher contribution levels go directly toward production units, which will help increase the efficiency of the project. Contributors receive perks for funding this campaign as well. Interested contributors are urged to read Innovative Farming Community’s campaign and data regarding food production and protection.

About Innovative Farming Community
Innovative Farming Community was founded by Chad Shugart as a way to fill the building vacancies in the Alabama region with a sustainable food project. Shugart’s goal is to establish indoor-farming facilities that offer sustainable, efficient farming methods and help cities reclaim their vacant buildings. By starting his campaign, Shugart hopes to provide employment, as well as nutrient-rich foods to support the communities around his farms, enhancing life on Earth. Learn more by visiting Innovative Farming Community’s website or by visiting the crowdfunding campaign.