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Innovative Film Platform Challenges Traditional Studio Dominance

ViralFilmNetwork, an innovative independent global film distribution platform looks to give filmmakers a boost with a no-fee distribution deal that is designed to make them money.


Wakefield, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2016 -- Traditional studio distribution models enable a privileged and connected few to deliver movies to their audience. The only feasible routes left to Indie filmmakers involve essentially giving their films away for free on streaming video websites, spending a fortune on self-promotion and screenings, or a combination of the two. This inherent lack of exposure paired with increasing expenditure makes it harder for talented filmmakers to then fund and produce more projects.

This doesn't bode well for sustaining a healthy and vibrant Indie scene, but ViralFilmNetwork is intent on challenging this convention. Their distribution model offers filmmakers a non-exclusive micro-licensing deal that puts their films in front of a captive and knowledgeable global audience for free.

ViralFilmNetwork's affiliate scheme also means filmmakers can make a cash return for every new member who signs up to watch their film. Rather than profit being filtered through cinema chains, distribution outlets and sales agents, it's delivered straight to the filmmakers. Their viral, media-savvy concept means filmmakers using the platform also benefit from the promotion of other films on the site.

One such production that is already taking advantage of ViralFilmNetwork's offering is the multi-award winning indie thriller 'Landmine Goes Click' from Sarke Studios. Subscribers to the site will be able watch the movie in HD, access exclusive behind-scenes-footage and even ask the filmmakers questions. With a suite of other quality independent projects already queuing up to follow Landmine's lead, here's what Simon Vause, CEO of ViralFilmNetwork, had to say:

"People love free! We've decided to combine this love of free with people's love of films." In a venture driven in filmmakers' favour ViralFilmNetwork will pay filmmakers for every single person who registers for a free 30 day trial on their site. "This is perfect for anyone with a fanbase who has a great film that is begging to be seen," says Vause.

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About ViralFilmNetwork
ViralFilmNetwork is a new social media platform for film which allows members to participate in every aspect of a film's creation - from script to screen, in addition to unearthing exciting new independent films. The site officially launches on 28th January 2016. New users can try the site with a 30 day free trial. Monthly membership starts at £3.99 per month. Payment is available in UK Pounds, US Dollars and Euros.

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