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Innovative Floor Experts FloorGlaze Bring Clarity to the Exciting World of Glass Flooring


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/08/2012 -- With interior and exterior design reaching new heights of inventiveness, it’s has become difficult to achieve anything truly unique, whether it be an individual designing their home or an architectural firm designing an office or other large space.

One area which has remained particularly stagnant is that of flooring; over many years, the options available to those looking at innovative and exciting ways in which to create novel flooring haven’t increased in the slightest. Stuck with the same old floor coverings, there has been huge demand in the market for something different, the next step forward in flooring.

Thankfully, it seems it’s finally arrived in the form of flooring experts FloorGlaze, a firm specialising in the cutting-edge concept of glass flooring. Providing light, texture and a unique appearance to thousands of applications, glass floors may by the huge step forward in flooring many have been waiting for.

Currently known in the context of limited commercial applications, glass floors are suddenly a prospect for millions thanks to the team at FloorGlaze. A joint venture between Sharda Glass Limited and Cantifax Limited, FloorGlaze combines the expertise of almost thirty years of structural glazing, fabrication and installation with an unparalleled supply of superior structural and architectural glass products. The result is a firm which can design, produce and implement both the biggest and smallest applications of glass flooring, whether on a grand commercial scale or a simple residential project.

With glass flooring, the opportunities are endless. The texture of glass can become a new element in exciting interior design, or offer the practical benefits of increased natural light in structures such as basements. Further, different treatments can further enhance the glass, both in aesthetic and practical ways; for example, sandblasting can add an opaque appearance to flooring while enhancing texture and grip, preventing slips and falls.

In developments of multiple stories, glass flooring allows the novel ability to add visibility between floors, something at once both visually stunning and practical. Manufactured to withstand significant weights and pressures, FloorGlaze products are perfect for a huge range of uses, including hotels, sports facilities, offices, museums, hospitals and private homes. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a setting in which glass flooring would fail to enhance the design and appearance of a space.

For those eager to take their home or project to the next level, it’s difficult to see a better way to achieve stunning results than with the glass flooring available through FloorGlaze. Recognised experts in the field of glass floors, FloorGlaze provide quality and clarity in this exciting new design category, and thousands across the UK couldn’t be happier for it.

About FloorGlaze
FloorGlaze is an exciting joint venture between Sharda Glass Limited and Cantifax Limited, the combination of which results in an expert team with the ability to adapt high quality glass flooring to a huge array of applications, great and small. With the ability to transform a space beyond traditional flooring, glass floors are the future of cutting edge interior and exterior design. For more information, visit http://www.floorglaze.com