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Innovative Lottery Pooling Online Website Split Lottery Announces Launch


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2014 -- A new innovative lottery pooling online system has launched a new website. Called Split Lottery, this online lottery pool allows lottery players to share lottery winnings by placing lottery ticket numbers on the splitlottery.com website. By doing so, individuals can earn money while still being big lottery winners.

The website is simple. Individuals can list the lottery tickets they have purchased in a lottery ticket pool on splitlottery.com. Other interested individuals can then visit the website and buy into the pool. The original purchaser then receives money back toward the original purchase of the lottery ticket. Once the pool is filled, the lottery ticket purchase is earned back in full.

Winning lottery ticket prizes are then split among those in the pool.

“I am offering lottery ticket pooling online,” said the website’s creator. “It is community-based social lottery pooling. Anybody can put up their lottery ticket and earn back their dollar plus ten and still stay part of the lottery pool.

While the lottery pools will be free, the site’s creator noted that there will be a charge for ordering a lottery purchase.

“The lottery pools are on a first come first serve basis, and once filled they will be closed. However, there's a new set of lottery pool every week so new participants can get in on it.”

As the site’s creator noted, he is also adding an incentive for users who “like” the website on Facebook.

“Anyone who likes splitlottery.com on Facebook will receive $1 in Split Lottery credit."

In addition, the website’s creator said he recently ordered a premium package and that the site now features a B2B component.

“There is a tool that allows businesses to create a simple campaign and track the progress of the campaign. This tool allows a business to create a lottery ticket pool and reward Facebook likes/shares/posts,” the founder noted, adding that the steps to create the campaign and advertise it will take less than 10 minutes.

“If the business does not yet integrate with Facebook, we have the scripts and the steps to set it up.”

Split Lottery users can also earn money with referrals. Earn up to $100 in cash by signing up and referring others to the website so that they can join in on the winning and the fun.

The winning can happen anywhere. People can use Split Lottery on their desktop, laptop, tablet or even their smartphone.

The website will provide a full refund for any lottery ticket that does not get purchased.

Split Lottery respects users’ privacy, too. With top-notch security and password encryption, the site protects users’ information and credit-card data.

In addition, Split Lottery allows users to create private groups so lottery tickets are only seen by those in their group.

Split Lottery makes it easy for lottery players to make money and still be big winners.

About Split Lottery
Split Lottery is the innovative way for lottery players to create lottery ticket pools online, allowing users to earn money back while still winning big at the lottery quickly, easily and from anywhere. For more information, visit www.splitlottery.com.