Innovative Mail-Ballot Tracking and Alert System Hits the Market


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2014 -- A Denver based software company, i3ballot, has developed the first complete, patent-pending mail-ballot tracking and alert system in the country and the response is resounding. BallotTracker by i3ballot follows the status of every mail-ballot and sends a series of proactive alerts to voters and counties sharing exactly where each ballot is in the election process.

Here is how it works: an intelligent bar code prints on both the outbound and inbound envelopes of the mail-ballot. Scans of these codes occur at several stages in the mail stream and that data converts into automatic alerts. Sounds simple enough, but the patent-pending technology and execution are complex. Voters set up preferences such as message type (email, text or voice message), optional alert times, and preferred language. The technology only scans the mail-ballot envelopes and not the actual ballot so voters can rest assured that their vote remains private. BallotTracker can also remind voters to mail their ballot and provide alternative locations to drop it off if a deadline has passed.

While online voting is a long way from becoming a reality, election officials have turned to mail-ballots in a big way. Mail-balloting is a fast growing way for municipalities and counties to conduct efficient and cost-effective elections.

“The challenge for election officials has always been to get the public to trust that their mail-ballot stays private and gets counted,” reports Steve Olsen of i3ballot. “Our proven technology does just that.“ “Thousands of voters in this current election are reaping benefits from this technology that tracks and alerts voters on every step -- from initial printing to final acceptance at election headquarters.”

BallotTracker by i3ballot gives election officials increased transparency as to where the ballots are and an understanding of specifically when the ballots will return. Counties are experiencing reduced administrative costs, better planning ability, increased vendor accountability and elevated voter confidence and turn-out.

If you are a voter or election official and would like more information on BallotTracker by i3ballot, please visit www.i3ballot.com, email us at info@i3ballot.com or call 877-651-7036.

About i3ballot
i3ballot is a division of i3logix, an information services company based in Denver, Colorado.