Innovative Medical Device Awarded FDA Approval for Shielding Infection in Post Hypospadias Repair Surgery


Sandton, South Africa -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2013 -- Respitek (Pty) Ltd, a manufacturer of disposable medical devices in South Africa, were recently awarded approval from the FDA in the U.S. for the BoBBi Baby Shield. This specialty medical device is designed for shielding infection post Hypospadias repair surgery.

“This approval will inspire confidence in the Paediatric and Urological fraternity for patients who require hypospadias repair as well as for our company and employees,” said Anton Coetzee, CEO of Respitek.

Designed for post-surgical protection to prevent infections, the Bobbi Baby Shield creates a barrier between the meatus, gland and diaper and keeps out any human waste at the same time.

“Staph infections are one of the risks post hypospadias repair, so there is a need for protection and especially with infants who need diaper changes. The Bobbi Baby Shield also protects the male infant for clean circumcision recovery,” said Coetzee.

Besides limiting infection risk, the Bobbi Baby Shield creates a physical barrier preventing pressure on the genitals, contributing to the comfort of the child during burping, being carried or riding in a car seat or carrier. Of course, proper hand hygiene should always be used when dealing with infants and regular diaper changes.

Hypospadias repair is necessary in 1 out of every 150 male infant births, depending on several factors such as maternal diet, exposure to progestins, location, menarche in the mother, low placental weight and Maternal age of mother.

“Each of the above factors can contribute to a much higher rate of hypospadias,” said Coetzee, “and the Bobbi Baby Shield is an inexpensive and routine way to minimize any post-surgical infections.”

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