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Saratoga Springs, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2011 -- With the gradual banning of heavy metal and toxic anti-fouling paints, and with perpetually rising fuel costs, the marine industry is looking for alternatives. HullSpeed High Performance Coatings, manufactured in Saratoga Springs, NY USA has been working to develop just that.

HullSpeeds’ line of pro-environment high performance coatings are designed to be hard, fast and provide foul release without the negative environmental side effects of ant-fouling and ablative paints.

HullSpeed High Performance Coatings are designed as an epoxy/silicone that is applied using conventional methods over conventional surface preparations. HullSpeed coatings provide the abrasion resistance and durability of epoxy while utilizing the speed and performance characteristics of silicone.

HullSpeed High Performance Coatings have been in development since 2003 with applications in the Volvo Ocean Race, Sydney-Hobart race, Newport-Bermuda race, J-class, A-class and many other performance sailing classes and campaigns. HullSpeed High Performance Coatings are involved in applications in the commercial and recreational marine markets as well as the small craft segments including rowing, whitewater and flat water canoe & kayaking. Although HullSpeed coatings are targeted at the marine industry, the drag reduction and ease of maintenance characteristics have application potential across a wide array of markets including the automotive, industrial and aeronautical segments.

With the evolution of high performance coatings moving towards green products, HullSpeed High Performance Coatings is hoping to promote the continual development and implementation of pro-environment marine paint. Greenfield Mfg. Inc, and HullSpeed High Performance Coatings are proud to promote the longevity and preservation of our world’s water sources. For more information please visit or


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