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Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2016 -- The expression "No pain, no gain" is more of a saying than a way of life. With internet available to most Americans, people are realizing that punishing the body to complete a task is commendable in some instances but not all. The old-fashioned blue-collar approach in cities like Philadelphia, PA, and Wilmington, DE, has lead to numerous senior citizens coping with chronic pain and recovering from recurring injury. While many primary physicians and specialists deal with pain management on a regular basis; many of their approaches are similar. More and more Americans are seeking alternatives to opiates by implementing modern medicine such as nerve blocks and steroid injections. One local company in the tri-state area is leading the way with unique treating methods.

Grossinger Neuropain Specialists are one of the Delaware Valley's go-to pain management specialists for patients who've tried common approaches and still need help. The practice has two office locations. Their first location is in Wilmington, DE, and the other office is in Eddystone, PA. Appointments are made via phone, online, or in-person. Grossinger Neuropain Specialists use modern medicine and technology to help diagnose the causes of pain upon a patient's initial visit. The office treats conditions of all urgency levels ranging from migraines and nerve discomfort to arthritis and herniated discs.

Dr. Bruce Grossinger and his brother Dr. Steven Grossinger have over 40 years experience working with modern science and medicine. Both physicians possess multiple board certifications, pain management, and neurology. Their innovative and involved approach keeps patients in the loop, which gives individuals peace of mind when deciding on the best course of action to treat their woes. Every treatment offered by the Grossinger Neuropain Specialists has specific goals for specific injuries and body parts. From workers comp in Delaware to sports-related injury recovery in Pennsylvania, locals have found Grossinger to assist in increasing sleep, decreasing discomfort, and improving one's overall quality of life. Interested parties are encouraged to visit or call 302-613-0410.

About Grossinger Neuropain Specialists
Dr. Bruce Grossinger and his brother Dr. Steven Grossinger founded Grossinger Neuropain Specialists, originally Swarthmore Neuropain Specialists, in 1989. Since then, they have treated thousands of patients for neurological and spinal pain, bringing relief to individuals with injuries related to work, accidents, sports, stress or other causes. Relief from pain is within reach: Grossinger Neuropain Specialists can help.

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