Innovative Pet Care Proves Seeing Is Believing


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- The popular phrase “seeing is believing” has once again been proven true this time by the new BioCam video otoscope. The BioCam 2.0 is a revolutionary product developed by Goldline Medical, taking clinical diagnosis to a whole new level. This one of a kind video otoscope has multi-use capabilities, and has given medical professionals more diagnostic flexibility and created a new form of visual communication.

This cutting edge device can be used for both human and veterinary medical diagnostics. This device has proven to be an invaluable tool, especially in veterinary medicine since animal patients cannot describe their symptoms. With ear infections and problems one of the top medical issues seen at veterinarian’s offices, the BioCam makes ear examinations and diagnosis simple, practical, and accurate. Its high resolution imaging and video recording enables the practitioner or nurse to capture clear vivid images and video providing a great visual form of communication. “With the BioCam2.0™, the client and/or patient can see what the practitioner is viewing. This will increase the understanding which results in higher compliance,” states the inventor and Veterinarian, Dr. Barry Goldberg. “Being a veterinarian I would see several pets a day with ear issues and saw the need for a device that would help communicate and educate the pet parents on problems that were hard to see, and impossible for the pet patient to describe.” he continued.

Dr. Goldberg has donated several BioCam 2.0 video otoscopes, many which are being used at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine's Small Animal Hospital. He also donated several additional BioCams to the clinical professors at UF as a tool to help educate future veterinarians. The BioCams proved to be popular not only with the instructors and students, but also with the clients bringing their pets into the teaching hospital.

Once again, Dr. Barry Goldberg has made a donation of the BioCam video otoscopes to the University of Florida 2013 graduating class. "Using the latest technology, the BioCam offers these new veterinarians a great tool to use in their new practices and assists them in communicating with the pet parents,” exclaimed Dr. Goldberg. He believes that his donations will help change and improve veterinary medicine and diagnostics and help the younger generation of Veterinarians embrace modern technology just as human medicine has done to provide improved quality medical care.

"By donating a BioCam to each graduating veterinary student, Dr. Goldberg has allowed us to use the same technology available at a referral institution, like UF, and bring that same high standard of care to our patients out in general practice”, exclaimed recent 2013 veterinary graduate, Ben Carter, DVM.

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