Innovative Result: An Orange County Gym Supplements the Vanguard Volleyball Team's Strength and Conditioning


Costa Mesa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2012 -- Innnovative Results, an Orange County gym known for its creative methods of making fitness individualized and interesting for the participants, will be supplementing the Vanguard Volleyball team’s strength and conditioning starting in January.

Vanguard Volleyball Coach Eryn Leja hopes that the non-traditional training methods of Innovative Results will help take her young team to the next level.

Innovative Results uses a system involving mindset, movement, and recovery which will help the volleyball players performance their best throughout their college career. The Innovative Results method also places a focus on warm ups, recovery time, and correct form which will help the volleyball players avoid strains, sprains, and other injuries.

"It is important to build a strong foundation of strength that is functional for their sport, not just have them do Olympic lifts and heavy weights that aren’t sports specific and are, most of the time, done incorrectly," explained Cori Lefkowith, an Innovative Results coach who specializes in athletic strength and conditioning. "This just leads to injury and poor performance."

Training sessions for the players will take place at Innovative Results. Innovative Results hopes that by making their presence known through Vanguard’s athletic teams, they can help Orange County become a healthier, happier, more active community.

About Innovative Results
Innovative Results jas been recognized as the most effective Irvine Personal Trainer . Their variety of services (personal training, boot camp, workshops), passion for helping people and dedication to improvement has proven to help people get incredible results.

Innovative Results
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