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Innovative Results Hosts the Biggest Kettlebell Competition in America Distributed by Innovative Results, Inc

Innovative Results hosts the largest kettlebell competition in American history in a two day event (Feb. 22nd & 23rd, 2014) that brought together all-level competitors from across the globe.


Costa Mesa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- The biggest kettlebell competition in the history of America was held at Innovative Results in Costa Mesa, CA. With 133 competitors, seven World Champions, two American Record’s broken, and one World record broken, this was an event to remember.

Hosted by Innovative Results, organized by Orange Kettlebell Club (OKC), and ran by The United States Kettlebell Sport Federation (USKSF), this competition had some of the highest authority figures in the sport. Even Igor Solodov came to observe and comment on this high-level event. Igor Solodov is the President of Russian Girevoy Sport Federation (RGSF), and is on a mission to help all kettlebell clubs, states, and countries unite to deliver this sport into an Olympic-level sport.

The 133 competitors came from around the nation and World to be a part of something bigger than their ten minutes on the platform. This community of lifters came to this event for a chance to show the World what they were made of. This community of lifters put their soul into the bell, and lifted to raise kettlebell sport from its brutal doldrums to a heart-filled exhilarating competition. The lifters from The United States, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Ukraine, and Russia all showed a tremendous amount of heart on and off the platform.

The Russian World Champions even portrayed their deep love for the sport by breaking a few records. Ksenia Dedukhina broke a World record by snatching a 22 kilogram kettlebell 201 repetitions in ten minutes, followed the next day by Denis Vasilev, breaking a World record in Long Cycle, by lifting two 24 kilogram kettlebells a blinding 152 repetitions.

The event was a site to behold, with cheering, high fives, and hugs going non-stop, while lifters poured their heart and soul out on and off the platform, competing in only the highest, most professional manner. If you catch wind of the Third Annual California Open Competition, you may want to put it on your calendar in permanent ink, or you may miss the most incredible kettlebell competition in America.

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