Innovative Results Working with Newport Harbor Wrestling Team


Costa Mesa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2012 -- Innovative Results, an Orange County gym known for its creative methods of making fitness individualized and interesting for the participants, has been named the official strength and conditioning coach of the Newport Harbor High School wrestling team.

Newport Beach personal trainers from Innovative Results have been working with the students on the wrestling team for the past two months. The trainers have done an individual assessment of each athlete and used that information to create a fitness program specific to wrestling. The Newport Harbor athletic department hopes that this new approach will help the team become more competitive against other schools in the region.

Unlike standard strength and conditioning programs which mainly focus on short term results, the specialized program designed by Innovative Results will help each athlete develop a foundation of strength which will serve them well throughout their lives. Innovative Results uses a system involving mindset, movement, and recovery which will set the stage for the wrestling team members to remain active and fit throughout their lives. The Innovative Results method also places a focus on warm ups, recovery time, and correct form which will help the student wrestlers avoid strains, sprains, and other injuries.

"It is important to build a strong foundation of strength that these young athletes can stand on for decades, not just have them do Olympic lifts and heavy weights that they do incorrectly," explained Corey Beasley, an Innovative Results coach who specializes in combat athletics. "This just leads to injury and poor performance."

Training sessions for the young wrestlers have taken place at Newport Harbor High School and at the Innovative Results gym facility in Costa Mesa. Innovative Results hopes that by making their presence known through Newport Harbor athletic teams, they can help Newport Beach become a healthier, happier, more active community.

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