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Innovative Skincare Line Gets Results Through All Natural, Self Blended Formulas

Skincare designed without silicone, providing skin with healthy, nutritious beauty that clients mix for themselves


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2013 -- Sweet Science Self-Blended Skincare is a unique and innovative product line that customers blend themselves to ensure that the products are always fresh. Made entirely from plant-based, natural ingredients and containing no silicone, this skincare is designed to allow skin to breathe and not coat and clog pores.

“While I was living in France, I began to notice that I was having a reaction to some new skincare products I was trying. It turned out that it was the silicone in the creams, serums and sunscreens that was causing the problem. Silicone can coat the skin for up to five days and can be really difficult to remove from the skin.” – Maia Taylor, Founder/Creator, Sweet Science Self-Blended Skincare

Each product is delivered to the customer with 2 or 3 separate active ingredients in a small set. Customers add the key active ingredients which allows them to take advantage of the full benefits of these actives in their skincare. Because the entire process only takes seconds, even the busiest customers have time to use this extraordinary product line.

"I've recommended (Sweet Science) to all my friends and makeup artist friends of all ages, as it's great for middle aged skin, but won't aggravate acne on younger skin. I've tried everything and spent a fortune. I can't believe this product is under $50 bucks. Well worth it." – gaylarega,

Sweet Science™ is an innovative solution in response to the increasing market demand for skincare that is safe, yet effective. Each natural formulation is designed to work to keep the skin texture flawless and smooth, while addressing specific concerns with targeted, scientific therapies for balanced and radiant skin.

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