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Innovative USB Speaker Models Revive Staid Computer Accessory Market


Palm Springs, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2014 -- Apple technology blogger and Macintosh computer expert MacGizmoGuy AKA Russell T. Baer amps-up coverage of some of the newest models and innovations in the USB powered computer speaker marketplace. He features them at his recently revamped website dedicated to covering this unique category of computer speakers.

USB computer speaker systems derive all their power from the mere 5 volts available on a desktop or laptop’s USB port. With sensitive and responsive driver engineering, these compact and highly mobile audio products like those featured at can provide room filling sound and help you hear what you’re missing from a MacBook or PC laptop’s tiny and often tinny-sounding micro speakers.

“Frustration is the single defining sentiment of many PC and Apple notebook users when it comes to the low volume and limited frequency response of the micro speakers built into their laptop computers,” says Baer. “For many mobile users, a compact, affordable and highly portable USB computer speaker solution vastly improves their audio playback experience and music enjoyment with a minimum of wires and clutter -- at their desktop or on the go."

Although such speakers have been around since the debut of the Universal Serial Bus interface 15 years ago, manufacturers continue to innovate. JBL recently introduced a high-end two-piece USB speaker system that delivers rich, room-filling sound with elegance and style. Edifier recently revised it’s portable USB sound bar to include a supplemental lithium-ion battery for versatile computer or optional handheld tablet or cell phone use. Most notably, Gigabyte Technologies just launched the world’s first high-wattage USB bus powered desktop USB 3.0 speaker system.

“The new SuperSpeed PC and Mac USB 3.0 specification can lend an extra edge to an entirely new generation of USB speaker designs,” says Baer. “The additional milliamps of power available (900 milliamps of USB 3.0 vs 500 milliamps of USB 1.1 and 2.0 ports) allows nearly twice the wattage of audio output. That will allow larger speaker drivers with deeper bass response, as well as higher volume in new USB speaker products.”

Ready to take your laptop computer’s audio experience to the next level? Explore the myriad of offerings in USB powered computer speakers at that offer a compact, single cable solution for pure digital stereo audio on your desktop - or to take along when traveling.

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