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Innovative Vapors Unveils Vapor Lounge Catering to Concerns Surrounding E-Cig Switch

Arizona e-cig shop promotes cigarette alternatives through in-house product testing


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2014 -- Recently released statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal the United States is currently home to 42.1 million smokers. Of the 70 percent who state they want to break the habit, only 3.5 percent are able to do so without some form of assistance. While the cessation rate is approximately 17 percent higher for those who rely on nicotine replacement therapies such as patches, gum and lozenges, an estimated 93 percent of former smokers will, at some point, revert back to their addiction.

Despite previous controversy over the use of an electronic cigarette in Tempe, new studies indicate these smokeless alternatives to the traditional cigarette may more than triple the success rate of quitting altogether. Still, smokers are hesitant to put this theory to the test due to fear of disappointment. With all this in mind, Brian Meyer of Innovative Vapors has unveiled the Arizona e-cig company's Vapor Lounge.

Said Meyer, "We are well aware of all the questions and concerns those new to the vaping world have. Aside from the endless selection of flavors on the market, there is also a vast array of e-cig brands, each with its own set of features. Whereas a specific throat hit may be important to some smokers, others may be more concerned with a satisfying cloud of smoke. Many of our customers are only interested in finding an exotic new flavor to enjoy. Our goal was to create an environment where customers could vape in peace and decide which option is right for them."

Among the lounge's most prominent features is a custom designed 14 foot bar for brand and flavor taste testing. The bar counter exhibits an exclusive light show for special events held in the lounge. Upcoming events include UFC fights displayed on the lounge's 60 inch LED television, poker and karaoke nights, 80's and 90's nights, and Innovative Vapors' signature date night where local singles can mingle while enjoying the amenities offered by the lounge.

Also available is comfortable lounge-style seating, a pool table, and video games for visitors' entertainment. In addition to experimenting with various flavors, the company has also introduced a try before you buy program, allowing customers to rent some of their more popular models to determine which they prefer before committing to a specific electronic cigarette in Mesa. Meyer noted rental fees will be applied to customers' purchases. The company's staff is also proud to announce their latest accessory, a blow hookah emitting a different e-liquid flavor from each hose.

Meyer concluded, "We plan to host events year round and are also in the process of acquiring our BYOB license. This will allow customers to pair their favorite beverages with their e-cig trial runs. We will continually update our events and features to cater to the needs and preferences of our customers. As always, visitors may feel free to direct any questions to our friendly and knowledgeable staff."

About Innovative Vapors
From efforts to steer a friend away from traditional cigarettes, Innovative Vapors has emerged as an all-inclusive shop where smokers can learn about and experiment with various aspects of the electronic cigarette market. As an extension of these elements, the company's lounge provides an area where customers are able to socialize and fully enjoy their vaping experience.