Euro-Technics, Inc.

Innovators in Machine Tool Accessory Industry Celebrate 20 Years of Shaping Enterprises Across the Globe

Euro-Technics, Inc.’s Partnership with Madaula S.A. Provide One-of-a-Kind Tools to Suit Customers’ Every Last Need


Carpentersville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/11/2016 -- Everything from power plant generators all the way down to watches and everything else in between – planes, trucks, skyscrapers, bridges – is shaped in some way by the tooling and machining industries. Each and every component that is integrated into all these complex structures and items must be carefully crafted to ensure safety, longevity, and functionality. Euro-Technics, Inc. is a company that plays an integral role in this process and has shaped and will continue to shape the world as we know it today.

Since 1996, Euro-Technics has worked hand in hand with Madaula S.A. of Barcelona, Spain, to provide optimally designed, precise, robust and durable products. They design and build custom tools – bridging the gap between a part that needs to be machined and the machine that will be the power behind allowing the tool to do its job. With this focus on their ability to create products adapted to each and every one of their customer's needs, Euro-Technics stands out in that they are often the only ones around who have an answer to those highly specific necessities. Their custom design solutions and the various industries they serve lead them into regularly producing tools that are truly one-of-a-kind.

"Many of the products we make have never been built before," shared Euro-Technics owner Ross Benson. "We provide creative solutions to customers' needs that oftentimes can be found nowhere else on the market. It's a challenge but also rewarding to see the outcome and observe how these unique tools have the power to shape different industries across the globe – both literally and figuratively."

A large part of the strength Euro-Technics brings to the table is its representation of the Madaula S.A. product line in North America for over two decades. As one of the industry leaders in supplying "live tooling" for standard CNC lathes, Madaula S.A. now also provides new and innovative designs for the Swiss lathe industry, as well as offers innovation in the after-market design and production of Thread Whirling heads for all the major manufacturers of Swiss lathes. Whether its small nozzles for fuel delivery businesses, tiny components for the automotive industries, or micro-sized pieces needed in the dental field, no stone is left unturned when it comes to the capabilities of the Swiss lathe.

More information about Euro Technics and the work they do as well as the variety of products they provide can be found on their website.

About Euro-Technics, Inc
For over twenty years, the longtime partnership of Euro-Technics, Inc. and Madaula S.A., has allowed Euro-Technics to bring design and application experience and products to various customers in the U.S, Canada, Central and South America, in various industries, including Energy, Medical, Aerospace, Automotive, Mold and Die. Current products available from Euro-Technics website range from Speed Reducers (Torque Increasers), Polygon Milling Attachments, Thread Whirling Attachments, special design I.D. Key Cutting Angle Heads, Saw Milling Heads, and more.