Innvolve Offers Its Services for Development, Marketing and Protection of Intellectual Property

Innvolve is a free online resource for development, marketing and protection of intellectual property of innovative people. It is a community of inventors conceived by an inventor.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2014 -- There are many people whose mind conceives great ideas. However, majority of them are unable to realise their concept into a real product due to lack of support. Innvolve is a free online resource that has been created to provide all the necessary assistance to all such potential inventors. There are several various things that are needed and required for a successful invention. Normally, different people possess those resources in fractions but the lack of suitable platform prevents them from engaging in inventive and productive interaction. Innvolve is exactly the platform that any inventor needs to get or offer assistance from other thinkers and specialists.

Involve facilitates the development of an idea into a product by connecting its members to right people through the right process. There is no shortage of expertise on prototyping, patency and other facets of creating an intellectual property in the world but it is tough to distinguish experts from the herd of ‘averages’. Innvolve has the directory of companies and individuals who are relevant to one or more aspects of invention. Members who need help can offer access to experts for validating, protecting, patenting, developing, marketing and/or selling their ideas. A legally-binding non-disclosure contract is automatically generated by Innvolve for inventors’ peace of mind.

Innvovle creates a secure online dedicated folio for everyone who signs up. It has all the elements needed for description, evaluation and development of the idea and ultimately for capitalisation on it. Member can use the default structure of the folio or create a new one. They can upload, add and edit document and images, all of which are recorded for later comparison and/or winding back.

The online folio create by involve is useful to protect the original idea as well as prove whose idea it is in case of piracy of the intellectual property. In addition to facilitating the preliminary and quintessential requirement for invention, Innvolve can be of great help in funding the project for development. Like it channels inventors and industry experts, it also channels investors. The funding supports the development of the idea into the product while marketing and sales channels of Innvolve help to commercialise the invention.

There are 3 packages – Standard, Student/Club Members and Pro, which offers the maximum benefit. Besides, experts and inventors who want to help can get their profile registered on the relevant directory of Innvolve. However, application for registration does not guarantee a position on the directory. Most importantly, Innvolve is completely independent and has no affiliation with nor does it promote any company or individual listed on its directory.

About Innvolve
Innvolve is an independent free online platform that channels potential inventors with all the relevant people and resources needed to successfully transform a concept into product and earn through it.