Inova Entertainment Seeks Funding Assistance via Indiegogo to Develop Their First Ever Creation 'Grumpy Granny'

Every player can become a character in the video game Grumpy Granny and have their full color 3d printed figure. Grumpy Granny is a 3D throw game for Smartphones.


Geneva, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2014 -- Inova Entertainment is a team of video game fans turned developers. The company is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and was created in 2013. Their first goal is to create funny and quality games and next one is to gather people and create a community of gamers playing together.

Inova’s first creation is called Grumpy Granny. It’s a 3D throw game for Smartphones in which the players play the role of an old lady, the Grumpy Granny. The lady is disturbed by noise coming from the street below her apartment. To take revenge, she chooses to throw fruits and vegetables at people from her window. The actions of the players will deeply influence the game: interactive elements, intelligent behaviors of the targets, and many other surprises are in store. Another key feature of Grumpy Granny is that the game will constantly vary depending on the day and the hour: the characters will be different, allowing players to discover new actions and possibilities.

Grumpy Granny is a great game for people who like to see themselves or one of their relatives in a cartoon version and modeled entirely in 3D. They can be a random character of Grumpy Granny or even a constant character; switch it between public and private; it’s completely up to them. Also, if they choose to be in the game, they’ll receive a custom t-shirt with a printed cartoon version and a colored figure of themselves.

The funding goal for this project is $150,000

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