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Inprint Infographic Establishes the Relevance of Print as the Most Effective Advertising Medium


Brisbane, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2014 -- Since the introduction of internet, online marketing and advertising online people have been made to believe that online advertising and marketing activates are far more effective and current than all other media out there. More and more small and medium size businesses are also opting for online advertising due to the low perceived cost but in return may be compromising on the effectiveness and benefits of advertising. Inprint, one of the largest commercial web and sheetfed printers in Australia have recently published an infographic which uses various up to date statistics to exhibit by print should still be hailed as one of the top most effective advertising medium.

Mainly due to advertising on television and the internet, print has lately taken the back seat in the minds of business owners and marketers but the current statistics show that after televisions, magazines have the highest impact on people’s buying decisions therefore proving that print should be an important part of any advertising budget. A recent Cross Media study conducted in Germany has also established that print advertising has the highest Return on Investment, which further emphasizes that point that an effective advertising plan must have print in the mix to be effective.

Business people are well aware that maintaining consumer trust is one of the fundamental parts of doing business; an important stat provided in the Inprint Infographic points out that 63% people trust paper based advertising more than both televisions and online advertising. Print advertising is not limited to putting ads in newspapers and magazines. Direct Mail advertising is a great way of targeting a particular group of protective customers with offers and promotional materials especially tailored for them. Many people believe that need has been wiped out because of email but in fact print has been able to come out on top as direct mail boasts a 4.4% response rate as compared to email which has only a .12% response rate. The infographic also indicates why printed catalogues are far superior to ones available online.

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