INQUARTA Prepares Premed Students for the MCAT and Medical School Application Process

The Newly Formed MCAT Club Provides Admission Assistance at a Great Price


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2013 -- A study conducted by U.S. News found that only 43 percent of applicants are accepted to medical school which may be due in part to rising admissions standards for students. Over the past ten years, the average GPA of a premed student applying for medical school rose from a 3.6 overall to a 3.68 overall, and the average MCAT score rose from 29.6 to 31.2.

"Students wishing to apply to medical school need an edge over their competitors when it comes to their MCAT score and the MCAT Club can be of great help in providing this edge. The MCAT Club is designed to help students who feel they need help in obtaining a higher MCAT score, yet aren't sure they need a full fledged commercial course," Don Osborne, founder of INQUARTA, declares.

With the help of the MCAT Club, premed students discover study tips and tactics for the MCAT, how schools weigh the MCAT, strategies which may be used to raise MCAT scores, and more. The site also explains the changes being made in the MCAT, and helps students decide if they should take the test in 2014 or wait until the changes take effect in 2015.

"The more information students have regarding the MCAT prep, the easier they find it to make decisions that benefit them and help them achieve their educational goals. Our program is designed to help those students who don't feel they need to spend thousands of dollars on a course as, for only $9 a month, students can receive the help they need to be accepted at their desired school," Osborne explains.

The MCAT Club fills the gap between do it yourself programs and commercial prep companies, providing students with access to 350 hours of online test prep, weekly strategy calls, and online courses. As medical schools look at more than just the MCAT score, MCAT Club participants learn to write a powerful medical school personal statement and how to prepare for the interview portion of the admission process.

"The mission of the MCAT Club is to inform, support and encourage students on their path to medical school admissions. The MCAT Club meets weekly either on a conference call or using Google Hangout and experts join the students each week to discuss strategy. The major benefit of using the MCAT Club is it doesn't cost a fortune, which is of great importance to students counting every penny," Osborne states.

Osborne goes on to say, "We offer an outstanding family of online admission courses designed for students in need of medical school admissions consulting, archives of articles on admissions strategy, and personalized help to help students get accepted into the right school. We understand that attending medical school is a dream of the student and work to help each one achieve this goal."

INQUARTA strives to help applicants gain admission to medical, dental, law or MBA school and has successfully helped more than 6,500 applicants achieve this goal since 1994. An extensive catalog of online admissions courses helps students 'apply smart' by offering time-tested and effective techniques to give students an edge over the competition. One-on-one coaching provides support and guidance to applicants during the process, and students learn to write powerful personal statements, identify those best equipped to write recommendation letters, select the right schools for their goals and more. Founded by Don Osborne, INQUARTA offers online admissions courses, articles on admissions strategy and personalized help to students looking to get into the right school.