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Insight Into Disability: Memoir Details Author's Triumph over Schizophrenia

From author Doug Pargeter, ‘Insight Into Disability’ is the moving, richly-detailed tale of Pargeter’s life – from his childhood, to serving in the air force, his marriage and family, and finally, living with schizophrenia – a mental illness that is little understood by society.


La Vernia, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- Although the day-to-day agonies of living with mental illness are often talked about within the media – to the average person on the street, the subject remains shrouded in darkness. Author and lyricist Doug Pargeter hopes to shine the light on his battle with schizophrenia, in his searing and emotional memoir, ‘Insight Into Disability’.

“More people than you might think suffer from the effects of schizophrenia,” says Pargeter. “There is, unfortunately no cure for mental illness. My aim with this book and my future work is to show others how I learned to cope with the symptoms and gain control of my life.”

A candidly written book, ‘Insight Into Disability’ covers the span of Pargeter’s life, from his childhood in Seattle, to his years serving in the air force, his marriage, his struggle with cancer, and of course, his lifelong fight with schizophrenia. Through treatment, proper medication and his faith in God, Pargeter has managed to come through the other side – but it wasn’t simple.


More people than you may realize suffer from the effects of schizophrenia, and there is no cure for this mental illness. In Insight into Disability, author Doug Pargeter candidly reveals his battle with schizophrenia: how he learned to cope with the symptoms and gain control of his life through treatment, proper medication, and his devotion to the Lord.

In this memoir, Pargeter shares his life story: growing up as one of five children in Seattle, Washington; serving in the air force; attending college; being married and having children; battling cancer; and living with schizophrenia. Insight into Disability provides a firsthand look at how mental illness affects all aspects of a personal life, such as maintaining relationships and being employed.

Meant to inspire, Insight into Disability shares Pargeter's successes, breakthroughs, and triumphs over adversity. It communicates how his gift for writing song lyrics, which are interspersed throughout the book, contributes to his healing within. He describes how his relationship with God saved his life and how he became a changed man through his treatment.

As the author explains, readers of his memoir will get a firsthand look at how mental illness affects a person’s life.

“It’s not just the big ways that it affects you – it’s the small ones too,” says Pargeter. “Maintaining relationships can be tough, remaining employed – attempting treatment – these are all daily struggles. I got through it using many tools, but the most important was discovering that I had a gift for writing song lyrics. It quite literally changed and saved my life.”

Continuing: “My next book will be ‘Heart Felt Lyrics and Schizophrenia Choices’, which will feature sixty song lyrics and a fresh look at my values, politics, treatment and relationships. I want to really dig deep into what goes into dealing with mental illness while in a relationship, and how love is always the answer.”

‘Insight into Disability’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1fw4FOL.

Doug Pargeter’s newest book, ‘Heart Felt Lyrics and Schizophrenia Choices’ will be released in March of 2014.

Please visit: http://www.dougpargeterbooksandlyrics.vpweb.com for more information or to purchase any of the author’s books.

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About the Author: Doug Pargeter
Doug Pargeter didn't give up on marriage, attended college after the USAF and wrote hundreds of country songs as well as built many houses and purchased a Limousine business. He became a tool design manager and after becoming disabled wrote books about his experiences.