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Insight of Perseverance: New Autobiography Gives Fascinating Insight Into Life in a Visually Impaired and Albino Sufferer's World

Having dealt with a unique set of challenges and tribulations, Albinism has not stopped Chris Jones from achieving great things. In his new book, Jones invites people into his world and urges them never to give up on pushing their own personal boundaries.


Greenville, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- When people look at Chris Jones, they often notice that something is different. Often failing to also notice the person inside, the public’s perception of Albinism has riddled his life with a very unique series of struggles. Wanting to share a slice of his world and encourage others to improve their own lives, Jones today announces the release of a compelling new autobiography.

Titled ‘Insight of Perseverance’, readers are discovering that disability is no bar to great success.


“I would like you to vision yourself in an Albino person’s world. The next time you are at a restaurant, imagine trying to read the menu. Or, imagine yourself in a class room trying to read what the teacher is writing on the board. Just imagine trying so hard to see that your concentration is broken, and the problems start to multiply. You aren’t seeing and you can’t listen for trying to see and listen. Consequently, imagine being placed in Special Education because the teacher just doesn’t know how to teach you or doesn’t have or take the time to address your special needs. Imagine being told “You won’t make it.” Then look how far I’ve come! Think of how you started out to meet new people and how you tried to make friends. Imagine how other people perceived you as a whole/regular person!

This is something that haunts me on a daily basis, but with perseverance and self-motivation, and the encouragement of a few, I have been able to overcome. This book is not just a story of an individual. This is a story about having faith to overcome obstacles. Now, when I envision my struggles and hardships, I can see the challenges that I have had to overcome just to make it along my pathway. In spite of my vision, I have had to look beyond my obstacles to endure in a world without limits. I have learned to live my life like the wind, to speed up when necessary, and to know when to slow down. I have had to slow down when life pushed so hard and fast that even my consumption of air felt uncertain. I had to slow down when I couldn't see where I was going or coming from. I had to stop and realize what I had in front of me. So it is, when you cannot find what you're looking for…what you want in someone else, look inside yourself. Don't sweat the small things, and make the best of the big things.”

As the author explains, he hopes his story will provide solace for those suffering in silence.

“This story is important because there are so many people that were told that they would never become anything or could not do it or achieve their goals because of their disability. I want to tell people that they should never give up on pushing their personal boundaries,” says Jones.

Critics praise Jones for the altruistic nature of his release. With the pure intent of helping people, Jones is privileged to have the opportunity to impart his experiences and wisdom on others.

“Cherish the experiences you've had, and use the lessons you've learned. Our lives are rubber bands; bending and stretching to fit even the most awkward situations. You can adapt to anything, regardless of its size or shape. You just have to realize and use what you have in your own hands and persevere,” he adds.

With the book expected to be met by huge demand, interested readers are urged to purchase their copy while supplies last.

‘‘Insight of Perseverance’, published by Bling Tec, is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/UmI0Lb

About the Author: Chris Jones
Christopher Thomas Dwight Major Jones is the son of Major and Sherry Jones. He attended school in Winona, Texas, a little town near Tyler, Texas where he was born on December 18, 1983. In 2002, Christopher graduated high school in Winona, Texas and continued his education at the Texas State Technical College in Marshall, Texas. After 6 years at the college, Christopher received his associate’s degree in Software Engineering. Then in 2008, after successfully completing his studies in Computer Information Systems at Texas A&M University in Commerce, Texas, Christopher received his Bachelor’s degree. Following his undergraduate studies, he worked in the field of Computer Science as an Application Web Developer, which led to his enrolment into the Master's program in Computer Science there at Texas A&M University. Shortly after graduation in 2010 with his Master Degree in hand and still at Texas A&M, Christopher began exploring his computer background. He combined his hardware and software experiences which led to his research and development of new ideas. Christopher started to prototype a device that would store energy and also help the environment by harvesting the energy using a microcontroller. He developed a sensor node capable of running any type of code while maintaining its efficiency in energy harvesting. In 2010, Christopher applied for a patent on ideas and concept of a new efficient way to store power in a rechargeable environment. The patent is currently pending in the United States Patent Office while Christopher is currently working on his PHD and teaching at Texas A&M University.