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Inspirational Author, Angela Dusenberry, Announces Volume Two of 'Undercover Angels' Series.

Written to empower young girls to make the right decisions during their own coming-of-age journey, ‘Undercover Angels: The Oregon Caves Trip (Volume 2)’ depicts dealing with adventure, boys and fashion while still remaining true to one’s faith. Cherished by tweens and appreciated by their parents, the Undercover Angels series is resonating with readers from coast to coast.


Makawao, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2013 -- While being a tween girl boasts an abundance of fun and opportunity, it also presents many dilemmas that could contradict the Christian faith. Wanting to give young girls a thought-provoking platform and role model from which to make their positive decisions, author Angela Dusenberry created the hugely-popular ‘Undercover Angels’ series.

With book one proving a smash hit, volume two is now available worldwide. Titled ‘Undercover Angels: The Oregon Caves Trip (Volume 2)’, tweens everywhere are buckling up for a rip-roaring literary adventure and vital life lesson.


Kayla doesn’t know what to do when Kyle, one of the most popular guys in school, starts to show an interest in her. Hailey, her frenemy, is outraged since she has her sights set on him. Tyler, her crush, seems indifferent, and Sara, her new best friend, warns her to be careful.

The situation gets out of hand on a trip to the Oregon Caves, putting Kayla’s life in danger. How will the Undercover Angels handle their boy troubles and unexpected complications with their first Angel project? Read Undercover Angels: The Oregon Caves Trip to find out!

As the author explains, her books aim to be different from other Christian fiction titles.

“The ‘Undercover Angels’ series focuses not on what Christian kids should avoid during adolescence, but on what they can do. The prayer meeting that is the springboard for the book is kind of like a club where girls get together to pray for their classmates and plan out ways they can actively make a difference,” says Dusenberry.

Continuing, “Sometimes it's hard to know the boundaries of how to walk out an active faith that is real without being weird. The characters in this story face everyday problems just like all kids, but they are learning how to live their lives in a way that will count. All of this is couched in a fun read with adventure, boys, fashion and friends ... the kind of book that a tween can relate to and parents will appreciate.”

Since its release, the book has attracted a consistent string of rave reviews. For example, Katie Hoffman commented, “When I was in Jr. High, I didn't know how to live as a Christian during times when I had problems with friends or questions about boys. A book like this would have been so helpful to me. It is the next book in the Undercover Angels Series, and deals with Kayla and her friend problems and boy problems. Because Kayla wants to live for Jesus, readers get to learn ways to deal with the difficult Jr. high years.”

In order to use her success to the benefit of others, Dusenberry has recently announced that 50% of all book royalties will be donated to Gospel for Asia.

“Readers are able to partner with me in raising money for Gospel for Asia through Angel Projects like buying a bicycle for a missionary or a sewing machine for a widow in India. Let’s read and make a difference together!” she adds.

‘Undercover Angels: The Oregon Caves Trip (Volume 2)’ is available now: http://amzn.to/13MQo0V

About Angela Dusenberry
Angela Dusenberry makes her home in Hawaii with her husband, Jeremiah Dusenberry, and their three children. She attended Calvary Chapel Bible College and has written over 180 articles for magazines such as: Valley Parent Magazine, Christian Monthly, Shine Magazine and Christian Ed Publishers. She has also held editorial positions at Valley Parent Magazine and Christian Monthly.

Undercover Angels: Kayla's Big Move, Dusenberry's first novel, debuted in November of 2009. Targeted to tweens, book one of this Christian fiction series is about Kayla, a twelve-year-old girl who recently lost her father during a school shooting. Through several twists and turns, she learns important lessons about friendship and faith. The series is intended to portray an active Christian lifestyle of adventure, hope and victory.

Fifty percent of all book royalties benefit Gospel for Asia, a ministry reaching out to help orphans, widows and the poor in Asia. Visit: http://www.angeladusenberry.com for details.