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Inspirational Author, Annette Bridges, Releases 10 Free Tips for College-Bound Women

To coincide with the release of her life-changing new book, ‘The Queen of Damn Good Advice’, Bridges is helping young women heading for college retain control of their evolving lives. As millions of young women prepare for their new roles as independent students, Bridges offers up ten free tips for them to take on the world with confidence and certainty.


Tioga, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2013 -- Setting off for college brings more than academic change. With many young women using the experience to solidify their dreams, perspectives, self-worth and relationships, the first year of college marks a vital turning point in any young woman’s life. As an inspirational author who has seen her own daughter blossom into a confident and driven ‘princess’, Annette Bridges is on a mission to inspire other young women to command and rule their lives as they set out on their own life journeys.

To mark the release of her compelling new book, Bridges is giving young women a taste of her empowerment with a free article - "The Princess Survival Guide: 10 Tips for Success in College and the Real World”.

Covering everything from self-worth and expectations to romance and the importance of savoring life’s special moments, the ten tips will prepare any young woman to take on her world and become its ‘Queen’.

“Each piece of advice is drawn from my new book and geared towards the young woman leaving home and heading for college. After reading the tips and discovering that they can command their world, I invite readers to dive into my full-length book and seek inspiration from its fifty essays containing powerful advice, suggestions and words of wisdom,” says Bridges.

Synopsis of ‘The Queen of Damn Good Advice’:

This book is packed full of suggestions and inspiration for young women setting out to command and rule their lives. But there's plenty of advice that will be of interest to women of all ages! Whether you're single or married, a mother of daughters or of sons, you'll find help from The Queen of Damn Good Advice.

While this book is not intended to be a book about my daughter, with a biography of her first ten years away from home, her encounters and challenges influenced the framework for this book.

The essays are gathered in five sections: ‘Off to College’, ‘Marriage’, ‘Divorce and other Drama’, ‘Going for Goals’ and ‘The Rest of your Life’.

To get young women, as well as women of all ages and stages in life, actively engaged with her book, Bridges is also announcing an exciting competition that is open to every reader.

“On the front cover of my latest book you see the silhouette of a girl reading the book. I want to inject some life into what she stands for by inviting readers to submit pictures of them reading the book in some sassy and creative settings. Those submitting the ‘top ten’ images will win an exclusive tote bag filled with ‘Queen Surprises’,” Bridges explains.

Continuing, “It’s more than just a competition; it’s a collective effort to share the book’s impact and showcase its use in the real world. There’s life-changing advice contained within for every woman, so I want to see it in action!”

One lucky winner will also receive a $100 Amazon gift card, with a $50 gift card awarded to the runner up – perfect for off-setting college expenses. Photo contest submissions should be posted at www.facebook.com/TexasAuthorAnnetteBridges with the hashtag #DamnGoodAdvice then submit a message via the author’s website contact form or email to annette4books@gmail.com stating your photo entry has been posted and provide your name (your Facebook name if different), email and mailing address no later than August 31, 2013. Winners will be notified via email shortly after Labor Day and announced on the author’s website and social media. Contending photo submissions will be shared on social media prior to the contest conclusion.

Young women are urged to read Bridges’ ten free tips today, buy the full-length book and enter the exclusive competition. “They’ll change their lives along the way,” she concludes.

View "The Princess Survival Guide: 10 Tips for Success in College and the Real World” online at: http://www.annettebridges.com/10-tips-for-college-success

‘The Queen of Damn Good Advice’ is available for sale at: http://amzn.to/16kb7no

Find more information about ‘The Queen of Damn Good Advice’ reader photo contest at: http://www.annettebridges.com/Queen-reader-photo-contest

For additional information or to purchase autographed copies of her books, visit the author’s official website at: http://www.annettebridges.com/

About the Author:
Annette is the author of a series of books that share helpful, instructive, light-hearted, inspirational messages. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, all of her years have been spent in the south except for college years in Illinois. With a B.A. degree in Sociology and graduate studies in early childhood education, she was an educator in public schools until becoming a home schooling mom.

Writing aspirations began as a child with journal keeping, but she would not write her first published essay - a guest column in the Dallas Morning News - until she became an empty nester when her only child left for college. Annette lives with her husband on a North Texas cattle ranch.