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Inspirational Fitness Regimen for 19s to 90s

‘Strength is Ageless’- a new fitness program that nourishes the mind, body and the spirit by Kriss Brooks


Oakland, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- The numerous fitness programs that are now available can be overwhelming for a beginner to fitness. Most often it is assumed that there is no valid fitness program for those who have reached their menopause and end up being lethargic or following a regimen that doesn’t really benefit them.

A comprehensive fitness program that targets the mind, body and spirit is presented in a nutshell by world renowned author, Kriss Brooks in her new book, “Strength is Ageless” which focuses on the overall well-being of women who are 40 and above. This is a book that encourages a way to work out even with age catching on and still being able to stay fit and energetic. The Options Strengths Fitness Program teaches a way of working with weights and helps to retain the beautiful contour even at the age of 90. This is a guide that is considered to have helped many people right from the age of 19 to 90. The book shares some of the stories that are quite inspirational and would surely make one move from their easy life to a much more vibrant and active life.

“Strength is Ageless” helps in taking good care of oneself and targeting the problem areas through a much more beneficial manner, that is workout with weights and ensures a better perspective on life. The book targets women population and is surely going to be a great motivational factor in making the right start into fitness. Women who have benefitted from this book have shared their insights into the way the book has reformed their outlook on life. It is not an exercise guide, but a comprehensive approach to healthy living and a beneficial workout system that can pay off in the long run. This book would be an ideal gift for any woman who needs to be enlightened about their own charisma.

About Kriss Brooks
Kriss Brooks, the author of “Strength is Ageless” has been training people for over 30 years on fitness and lifestyle coaching. Her extensive experience and knowledge as a community organizer and founder of Options Personal Training Center has been used diligently in her guide which ensures to provide greater insights to those who wish to start off on an exercise regimen and stay fit in their growing years. Grab a copy today at Amazon on http://goo.gl/KGPGnZ .

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