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Inspire Education Anticipating the Future by Keeping Up with the Industry Trends

Inspire Education ensures the welfare of the students by following the latest developments in the education industry.


Brisbane, QLD -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2014 -- The face of education these days is so different from what it was years ago, particularly before modern technology, became popular. This is why Inspire Education has done its best to keep up with the changes and has fixed its eye on the industry trends. Being one of the leading training institutions in Australia, the school has managed to maintain its position by being in the forefront of change.

Inspire Education has anticipated several major changes to the world of education in the years to come. The most obvious change would be the introduction of eLearning systems, which heavily rely on computers and Internet connection.

The school made sure to offer not only face-to-face learning, but also distance learning and online courses. This is how accommodating the school is about training its students the way they prefer it.

Now, Inspire Education is gearing up for even bigger changes to the school. For one, there could be a shift in the role of teachers, who will now function more like mentors. Lessons will be taught with a more concrete connection to real-life situations, teaching classroom exercises in context. Education is bound to go beyond books, as more online materials and other media are used of a better understanding of the lessons on the part of the students. Hybrid learning in classrooms is expected, as students will study text and video, while doing project-based work. This is easier to introduce to students now, given their computer and Internet literacy.

In more than five years, education will likely enjoy the benefits of other modern advancements. It would not be long before all schools will be using touch screen technology, or even motion-sensing cameras. As new technology is developed, the students might enjoy more educational activities using intuitive technology. In the future, a typical school day will not only involve listening to the teachers, but there will be more challenge- and project-based approaches used.

According to Jade Benny, a teacher at Inspire Education, “We are excited to be making changes to our school in order to accommodate the latest developments in education, especially now that technology has accelerated its modernisation. Inspire Education has committed to educating its students, while making sure that these students can confidently walk beside the products of the other leading schools. We will equip them with the confidence of knowing that they know everything they need to know. If handled properly, our advancement will likely benefit various industries, especially those involving child care, disability, business administration, project management, and bookkeeping, which are the courses that we offer.”

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Inspire Education is one of the top training course providers in Australia. This provides students with courses, from child care and aged care to business administrator and project management. If you are interested, contact Jade Benny by sending her an email at, or keep in touch with her on Facebook, Google, or Twitter.