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Inspire Education Rising Up to the Challenge to Provide in-Demand Courses

Inspire education is proudly saying that the courses they are offering are deemed highly valuable according to current trends.


Brisbane, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2014 -- Distance learning is now considered in demand as seen in the increase of enrollees in the recent years. Inspire Education is one of the providers of such programs and this is saying that their courses are practical and very usable compared to other institutions. Some of the courses they offer are child care, business management, aged care, and more intensive courses like project management.

According to a report from The Herald, the fate of new graduates seems bleaker than previous years. From 2016 to 2017, it is expected that only 70% of graduates will be able to find work. This is a far cry from the previous estimate predicted last year which was at 78%. On the other hand, distressed female OFWs in UK are seeing better opportunities with training now made available to them through the country’s organizational partnerships. Courses that will be made available to them are computer learning, massage therapy, cosmetology, and reflexology.

In 2014, US News says that one of the most popular online degree courses include finance, business administration, management and accounting. Meanwhile, The Herald cited that to improve job hunting success, one must take courses related to medicine, education, history, language, business, law, engineering and biological sciences. Out of the mentioned subject areas, Inspire Education is able to cover business, healthcare, and languages.

Aside from distance learning, one of the current trends when it comes to studying is doing this on a part-time basis. While many employers are looking forward to employ degree holders, there are now many jobs that offer employment with a certificate or a diploma as a minimum requirement. While these jobs may not pay as high as a medical doctor, the expenses incurred are not as high. With the increase in student loans, many parents are in debt after their children graduate from college.

So why should students enroll at Inspire Education? When this question was thrown at Jade Benny, one of the trainers at Inspire Education, she said, “The name of the institution says it all. We at Inspire Education seek to motivate people to have access to practical training courses that they could actually use in the real world. As you may have noticed in the changing trends, healthcare and business remain to provide a steady opportunity for employment. Employers are now looking for applicants who are skilled and this is the key area where we could help. While other training centers will require your personal presence, we can provide you all the things you need through an online portal. Why choose us? Top-notch trainers, distance learning, discounted tuition fees when paid in full, in-demand courses, and a reputable institution. We have the things you need to boost your job seeking advantage,”

About Inspire Education
Inspire Education is a leading certificate and diploma training course provider in Australia. This is offering a broad range of training courses ranging from healthcare, business to education. For more information, email Jade Benny at or send her a message at her Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts.