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Inspire More Customer Spending with Loyalty Cards

Providing your customers with loyalty cards gives them an incentive to come back and choose you over your competitors.


St Ives Way, Sandycroft -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2013 -- Providing your customers with loyalty cards gives them an incentive to come back and choose you over your competitors. In the crowded retail and hospitality marketplace, providing customers and guests with loyalty cards can give you an edge.

Setting up a loyalty card programme doesn’t have to cost as much as you might think. There are lots of providers out there that can help you to invest in a cost-effective card programme, so you can print loyalty cards yourself in-store, or use a plastic card supplier to print them for you.

Encouraging more spending from existing customers is always going to be cheaper than attracting new ones

Providing loyalty cards uk also allows you to track customer spending behaviour, giving you the ability to target sales and advertising promotions directly to the individual card holder. Companies that print loyalty cards in-house generally supply them as double sided, numbered loyalty cards that are personalised to your own branding and requirements. You can also choose to include a range of technical and security features when you print loyalty cards, including magnetic stripe, barcodes and signature strips.

What rewards to do you want to offer?

Do you want to provide discounts, offers or other incentives with your loyalty cards uk? It’s really a question of whether you want people to spend more money in your store, you want them to come back more often, or you think that providing ‘added value’ would be more attractive – say by agreeing an affiliate deal with another store for example.

If you are thinking about providing loyalty cards to your customers, don’t forget to buy some key tags too. Customers love these, and by affixing onto their key chains, they ensure that they always have their loyalty cards with them. They also act as a constant advertisement to others.

We all love the thought of ‘getting something for nothing’ and there are plenty of loyalty cards uk programmes out there that are extremely successful.

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