The MamaBear Worry Free Parenting App Now Offers Instagram Monitoring

Information on the new Instagram updates on the MamaBear app.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2012 -- The MamaBear child tracking app has expanded to include Instagram alerts as part of the recent upgrade to the 1.2.8 software. These new Instagram alert options give parents a deeper look into a child's social media interactions. In addition to monitoring Facebook tags, posts, photos, friends and restricted words, MamaBear now offers alerts related to Instagram. As with Facebook, the parent can easily login to the child’s Instagram account on the parental version of the app. Once the Instagram account has been added the parent is given Instagram monitoring options in the social media alerts menu. Parents can receive alerts via email or push notifications on any internet enabled Apple Device running iOS 4 or better or any Android device.

Once installed the parental version of the app offers three easy to understand options for monitoring. The parent can opt to receive notifications when the child follows someone new on Instagram. Like the MamaBear Facebook monitoring, parents can receive alerts when the child uses restricted language as set up by the parent. The parent can also receive alerts when the child uploads a photo or is tagged in a photo anywhere on Instagram. Combined with the existing Facebook monitoring options, MamaBear provides a powerful tool to monitor a child’s life via social media keeping kids safe from stangers, bringing awareness to parents of potential bullying and giving parents an opportunity to discuss inappropriate behavior should it happen. MamaBear runs best on an Apple iPhone of 4th generation or better and any Android smartphone . Download your free app today on the App Store or Google Play .

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