Instagram Turned a Small Nutritional Supplement Firm Into a Multi-Million Dollar Company

A Chief Executive Officer and Founder of a nutritional supplement company claimed and acknowledged that Instagram marketing had made his business into a whooping multi-million dollar company.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2014 -- Arvin Lal, Founder and CEO of SHREDZ, a direct marketing nutritional supplement company, in an interview with FORBES, credited Instagram as the social network platform that had helped his humble business achieved remarkable revenues.

SHREDZ’s impressive revenues

SHREDZ is the first ever marketing company that has achieved success in its business thru the use of social media via Instagram marketing. During its first year of operation in 2012, it was able to earn $90,000. Gross revenue soared higher to $5 million in 2013. As of March 2014, the company had already earned $2.7 million.

Lal said that these impressive revenues were achieved without outside invested capital. He also disclosed that his multi-million dollar company has only 21 employees which are housed within the SHREDZ office. The company, according to Lal, purely focused on digital promotion, one of the most notable, is the Instagram marketing.

Instagram: The important social media

According to Lal, the success of his company in the fitness world could be mainly attributed to its devotion to social media. He recounted that after years of analyzing the top forms of social media, he was able to realize that Instagram is the next important social media platform.

The CEO elaborated that Instagram has served as SHREDZ’s most effective medium to attract audience and make sales.

“Social media is the driving engine; in the back-end, we are actually a marketing company,” Lal said. “We just happen to enjoy fitness and see it as a market where you can make good revenue and help people.”

”Even though we are not creating a platform, we are innovating it,” Lal further disclosed.

Quality nutritional supplement

SHREDZ, the company who has started out from the basement of Lal’s parents, is now continuously gaining more strength in the fitness world. As of press time, the nutritional supplement company is already working with popular personalities like Paige Hathaway, Ainsley Rodriguez, and Jay Sean as the brand’s endorsers.

Lal however emphasized that his company’s success, aside from the Instagram marketing, is mainly because they got the quality products. He said that without a quality product, their Instagram marketing would end up to nothing.

“I’m willing to spend the extra dollars for the product,” Lal emphasized. He said that this is his company’s edge over other nutritional supplement companies because he can freely do what he wants to.

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