InstaInspire Makes Photos Speak More Than Words


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2013 -- Insta Apps LLC makes users of iTunes set personalized messages with a photo that speaks for itself with the help of the new app, InstaInspire. Rated as the top free photo pic recorder and image effects app for Instagram, InstaInspire lets its users capture pictures with words and add personalized message to them.

InstaInspire has a built in recorder that records the customized messages with the photo. The application has more than a few function of photo shop and the functions are more than any other photo editing software available. The multifunctional photo editing app makes it possible for it to cut images into different back grounds. The users can also add a single or more photo frames to the images along with the image layering facilities and doodling or sketching. Other facilities included in the app are colorizing, styling, and sharing of photos.

InstaInspire gives words to photos of users as they can customize their messages along with their photos in order to make them ever more entertaining and memorable. InstaInspire is the first of its kind photo sketching and built-in recording app. The app is almost like carrying an entire photo editor along at all times and with the help of it, the users can edit their photo in every way possible.

Users can customize their photos from file or newly taken ones in the desired color and the photos are cut in the desired shape and size. Then the photos can be added frames to, the frame can either be singular or many. Filters and image effects FX are also present the captions that are added to the image can either be retrieved from the library of the application as well as the users can make their own. The doodle tool offered in the app helps the users to sketch or write something over the screen of the photo.

The built-in recorder however is the best function offered in InstaInspire as it enables the users to leave a customized recorded message to their friends and family when the photo is shared with them. Like several other iTunes apps, InstaInspire makes its way to success provided the amazing features that it carries enabling users to cut and place photos with frames on them, and even colorizing them. Caption library is provided and the users can add their own captions as well. With all these facilities included, there is no way the initial users could live without appreciating the app like they have.

InstaInspire 1.3, the latest version of this app has been pushed forward in order to enhance few features and fix some minor bugs in the older version. The app has received several 5 star reviews from its users and is gaining popularity among Instagram users.

To learn more, or to download InstaInspire, interested folks may visit!/id582214849. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on iOS 4.3 or later. The app is also customized with the latest iPhone 5.

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