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Devon, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2013 -- Signs are very important for us and in our society nowadays. They have been used in numerous ways such as, for warning people against a pitfall or giving information of a hazard. It is that important for all of us. A sign is like a guide for us to follow so that we will not be lost or make mistakes along the way. Instant Art will surely supply you with the perfect signs for you to use in any circumstance.

Instant Art ( is a website that has more than ten thousand signs and much more ready for instant download. They have different types of signs that you could use for almost anything. There are signs for caution, danger, fire and anything related to places which need warning for the public to know so that they would not be hurt when they pass by. They also have other signs such as parking, prohibition, recycle, smoking, traffic and many more. Two thousand five hundred plus of these signs follow the newest ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards.

ANSI signs are signs that have been approved by ANSI and are used mostly by every government offices all over the world. They are the official group for approving and issuing standards for signs to be used by all. The designs are easy to read due to the appropriate graphics and bold and large text. The signs themselves are very effective, look great and are easy to understand. Instant Art uses their ruling so you can be sure that their type of signs are official and effective.

They also have a collection of signage that you can order from them. These collections can be ordered here. They have an international maritime signs collection, safety signs collection, tourism collection and many more. They are also very affordable to buy so do not worry about it costing an arm and a leg. They also have ANSI approved signs in the collection and here are some of those examples here. They especially update their ANSI signs regularly.  You can also get fonts that are used for their signs on the website just look at their main menu and hover on the fonts category, it will expand and there are sub categories to choose from.

You can also register on their website to receive a code for five free signs, a promo that they have had running for some time, it is valid for thirty days. You can also follow them on their Facebook page ( Instant Art has been in this type of industry since 1985 and was founded by Alex Duncan in the United Kingdom. They started first as a main product for Magnum Software. Ever since, their signs have been available for those requiring quality accurate signage. Since then, they have been going on their own with their own branding. They have been successful with their works since then.

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Instant art™ has over 10,000 ready to use signs available for download including 2500+ signs conforming to the newest ANSI standards, these can be used by government, signmakers and business to easily & quickly produce high quality signage

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