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Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2013 -- Car Cameras is now offering the F30 Dual Lens Car DVR with SOS Emergency Button for a wholesale price of only $56.00. The steady increase of road accidents in recent years has led to the necessity of taking certain precautions. Car video cameras are one such precaution. These cameras record the driving activity and provide evidence in case of unexpected accidents. Live traffic reports are not always possible, especially at night, but with the help of car video cameras submitting a video accident report is possible. This is especially useful when applying for personal injury claim to an auto accident lawyer, policeman, or auto insurance.

The F30 car DVR comes with a video resolution of VGA (1280 x 480), QVGA (640 x240) and a camera resolution of M, 3M, 2M, 1.3M, VGA. The machine detects motion and automatically begins recording when the vehicle starts. To ensure super night vision effect the machine uses eight night vision infra red lights. In case of an emergency, the machine automatically saves 2 files as emergency files that cannot be deleted. Further, there is a fast switch to the night shoot mode which is very effective in solving over exposure problems and allows viewing objects, such as license plates, as clearly as possible. The support TF card is a maximum of 32 GB.

Car Cameras is an online enterprise that has been manufacturing and supplying consumer electronics for over 8 years. Its products are ISO 9001 certified for international quality management systems. Most of its products are also CE and FCC certified. The company is therefore amply qualified to guarantee high quality products. Car Cameras main objective is to supply excellent quality consumer electronics at competitive pricing. Although based in Shenzhen, the company is quickly developing as a popular international brand.

The website states the company’s mission in the following way: “By strategically integrating our resources and IT solutions, we aim to bring the maximum value to our Investors, Buyers, and Manufacturing Partners over the long term.”

Car Cameras is dedicated to exceed its customer expectation. Apart from providing 24/7 services, the company also promises secure and fast delivery. Car Cameras is constantly improving on its products and searching to develop new products that might enhance the everyday experiences of its buyers.

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