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Sydney, New South Wales -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2013 -- According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 24% of all homes are rented from a private landlord in Australia today. With this statistic in mind, Allie Porter, founder of Instant Lease Agreement s, recently launched her successful online enterprise providing downloadable instant lease agreements for residential landlords to use with their tenants.

Porter explains how this new business came into existence. "Over 18 months ago while I was managing the marketing of a real estate blog, I discovered a need for downloadable lease agreements for landlords and tenants. Landlords were finding they had to spend hundreds of dollars on attorneys to obtain a comprehensive lease to protect their property, and it would take weeks sometimes to get the finished product. So after extensive research and many hours of hard work, a new online business was born. It helped too, that I have been personally interested and well read on the topic of property investing for a long time."

The residential lease, says Porter, provides peace of mind to the homeowner. "First and foremost, it protects your property and your rights. We've made it easy and convenient to use, allowing you to download it right from our website in less than five minutes. This saves you time and money. The version you download can be copied as many times as you like, making this a one-time investment in a professional and quality legal form, for a fraction of the cost of using an attorney. Additionally, currently, we're allowing you to also download a Lease Amendment Form or Lease Extension, which can come in very handy, because it saves you filling out an entire lease again if your tenants wish to stay on."

The leases are all-encompassing, says Porter, covering issues such as terms, rent, damage deposit, use of premises, condition of premises, assignment and sub letting, alterations and improvements, non-delivery of possession, hazardous materials, utilities, maintenance, and repair and rules, damage to premises, inspection of premises, subordination of lease, tenants hold over, surrender of premises, animals, quiet enjoyment, well, the list could go on and on. The residential lease is actually 32 pages long and covers over 32 provisions. And, if you think of something we haven't thought of, there's a spot at the end of the lease where you can write in your own provisions and disclosures."

Porter continues "Once we got started, we realized there was a big need in the marketplace. Now, we provide equipment lease agreements, leases for automobiles, real estate, and a simple standard lease agreement. All the purchaser has to do is fill in the blanks."

About Instant Lease Agreements
Instant Lease Agreements is an online service providing downloadable instant lease agreements for residential, commercial, equipment and automotive purposes. Leases can be downloaded quickly, using Microsoft Word or PDF formats.