Joe Bragg Matches Borrowers to Lenders


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- The troubled economic climate has endured a crash of unprecedented scale, but the real toll is upon the average citizen, who now finds it more and more difficult to make ends meet. Getting caught short can have tragic ramifications, as defaulting on loans, credit cards or mortgage payments carries far-reaching consequences. aims to make sure that those looking for loans find the best deal for their circumstances.

Instant Cash Loans USA runs a website designed to match consumers to the right loan company for their needs. The site asked for the most pertinent information, including the amount a consumer is looking to borrow, and where they are located, and begins the process of putting them in touch with the best lenders for them.

The information they provide covers all 50 states and even some international lenders where appropriate. The site is not a payday loans company, however, and only aims to make sure that consumers are abreast of all the options available to them so they can make informed decisions. The site promises to be fast and easy to use, offering the potential to get over $1,000 in cash in under an hour using its confidential, safe and secure process.

The advantages of payday loans are listed in the site sidebar, including avoiding overdraft fees and charges, avoiding late fees on payments, avoiding bouncing checks, or preventing late rent payments and the consequences that follow. Further documentation is provided in the form of featured editorials like ‘Payday Loans and You’ and ‘A Good Solution To Get Quick Cash’.

A spokesperson explained the move, “Instant Cash Loans USA was created with the concept that the more information a consumer has available to them in a one place, the better they will be able to form an informed opinion about payday loans. State laws change quickly so we wanted to keep consumers up to date so they would understand what was available in their state. We believe we have alleviated some confusion regarding payday loans and their most popular uses while giving consumers detailed information on loan providers in their area.”

About Instant Cash Loans
Instant Cash Loans is a website designed to collate payday loan information and offer search engine functionality based on specific criteria, making sure the most relevant options are made available to consumers. For more information, please visit: