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Instantly Detect Drug Abuse with at-Home Prescreen Drug Tests


West Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2015 -- With an increase in illegal drug usage, parental guardians are taking matters into their own hands, in order to prevent the aftermath of drug abuse.

A 2015 report by the National Institute on Drug Abuse stated that 23.6% of high school 12th graders abuse illicit drugs. This is nearly a 3% increase from 2010. With the growth of drug usage among underage students, parents have taken it upon themselves to perform prescreen drug tests and detect if their child has fallen victim to the growing trend.

Many parents are leaning towards performing their own prescreen drug tests, because it is easier to quickly detect a problem and cost less than paying a physician. Being able to perform prescreen drug tests in the convenience of your own home, means no longer having to schedule an appointment 2-3 days later. This also eliminates the possibility of a teen finding a way to get the drug out of their system, prior to the prescreen drug tests. A parent or parental guardian can perform a random prescreen drug test, which will provide a more accurate reading.

Personal prescreen drug tests are also beneficial for small/local businesses. Although it is important to have prescreen drug tests for a company and its employers, it is also an expense for the company. Depending on the facility and/or the physician that a company hires, the costs can be on the high side. With most facilities basing the price per individual, the final cost is based on how many employees are tested. A prescreen drug test can easily jump to a major expense for a company. There are also times when a company has a need to perform a random test. This is usually to monitor the staff and prevent an employee from attempting to use drugs. With in-house prescreen drug testing, the employer can schedule a test at any time and at a much lower price.

Drug Tests in Bulk realized the demand and need for prescreen drug tests products and created their own cost effective Five Panel Prescreen Plus Cups that people can use in their own home or for a small business. The prescreen cups are able to detect up to 15 commonly abused drugs in human urine and are currently available at

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