Joe Bragg and Offer Effective Muscle Building Tips


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Health advice seems to change on a near-daily basis. Every day, it seems like news agencies and doctors are changing their opinions on how to live a long and healthy life. But here’s one type of advice that never changes: a healthy diet and regular exercise helps people all over the world live longer.

That’s a lesson that a new pair of websites seeks to instill in each and every visitor. These websites, and, aim to teach visitors how to live a healthier lifestyle at the gym and in the kitchen.

At, visitors will find detailed information about a number of popular workouts and muscle building tips. The website teaches visitors how to perform deadlifts correctly, for example, as well as some of the best shoulder exercises to perform.

But as many bodybuilders know, a healthy physique is built in the kitchen, which is why the website also features recipes, cooking tips, and nutritional data for a number of different bodybuilding diet fundamentals. One article discusses how bodybuilders can still eat high-protein foods while on a budget, for example, while another article explains an ideal meal plan for bodybuilders seeking to get bigger.

As a spokesperson for explains, the website is designed as a one-stop-shop for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts around the world:

“There are thousands of different fitness websites on the internet today. But only a handful of them have the kind of information offered by our website. Our site offers tips about all aspects of the bodybuilding lifestyle. From articles about the best bodybuilding supplements to a detailed explanation of the effects of certain foods on the body, we’ve designed our website to have it all – and it continues to grow every day.”

Meanwhile, at, visitors will discover a different type of diet advice. The website aims to help visitors reverse the effects of diabetes with the help of 1,001 low-carb recipes. These recipes are specifically designed to overcome the body’s resistance to insulin, reducing the effects of diabetes and helping to stabilize blood sugar levels.

An spokesperson explains how an average insulin resistance diet works:

“Insulin resistance diets keep daily intake of carbohydrates very low. They use small meal sizes and include high quality fats and oils into the diet. Each recipe is also designed to be a complete meal. By following this diet plan for brief periods of time, those who suffer from diabetes or pre-diabetes can experience healthier blood sugar levels.”

About and and are a pair of websites devoted to sharing fitness and diet tips with visitors. Quick Muscle Building Tips offers information about bodybuilding health and supplements, while Insulin Resistance Diet explains how a low carb diet can reduce the body’s resistance to insulin. For more information, please visit: or