Insurance 90 Getting a Lot of Attention for Their Fast Term Life Insurance Quotes in Less Than 90 Seconds


Marysville, OH -- (SBWIRE) --06/07/2011 -- In response to the recent demand for fast term life insurance quotes, “Insurance 90” is announcing its website that utilizes cutting edge software to provide life insurance quotes quickly and easily.

Anyone who has shopped for term life insurance by calling companies and comparing rates can attest that it is difficult to shop around with any brevity. Three simple phone calls could easily turn into an entire day of dodging pushing salesman and fighting to get information.

It’s for this reason that “Insurance 90” offers a simple interface that gives a wealth of information for obtaining the absolute cheapest term life insurance rates in less than 90 seconds.

So far the new website has received rave reviews from the insurance community for its unprecedented speed and ease of use. When visitors come to the website they simply have to go through 3 short steps. First, they fill out the easy and secure application, then they review the quotes, and finally they choose the policy that best suits their needs. The whole process is utterly seamless, and it takes less than a minute and a half!

Once a visitor enters their basic information, Insurance 90 gives side by side comparisons of different rates from competing agencies. This allows users to pit insurance agencies against each other to fight for their business. Past users say that Insurance 90 has access to the lowest rates in the business, and using their services has helped to save them up to 55% on their term life insurance.

Insurance 90 also supplies car insurance quotes and home insurance quotes, and just like their term life insurance quotes, they guarantee to have them all within 90 seconds of hitting the submit button.

For Justin Hitzl, who sought out term life insurance after his son was born; the website proved to be an invaluable resource for his term life insurance needs: “I’m a busy businessman, but when my son was born it made my previous schedule look easy. When it was time to get term life insurance I didn’t want to mess around. I wanted the fastest, easiest route possible- without the long phone calls, pushy salespeople, and limited options. When I came across Insurance90 I was skeptical at first. But just as the name implies I was given several different quotes just minutes after visiting the site. I would suggest this website to anyone who is searching for the absolute cheapest term life insurance on the internet.”

To learn more about Insurance 90, or to get a free term life insurance quote in less than 90 seconds, please visit: