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Insurance Auto Cheapest Make "Best of the Best Deals" Promise


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- With the proliferation of insurance providers accelerating in an age where most choose to find their providers over the internet, many of these companies can be less than reliable. There has been an increasing perception among those purchasing insurance that the process has gotten more stressful, not easier. Insurance Auto Cheapest has taken this feedback on board and made a “Best of The Best Deals” promise to their users.

The site uses a simple interface in which users can enter their zip-code to find the best deals offers by insurance providers local to them, allowing them to see low premiums with maximum relevancy.

They also have an introduction to the insurance industry on their home page that offers just some of the insights contained on the site, with many more shared in their regularly updated blog designed to help users take simple actions that can lead to lower insurance rates.

Their Best of The Best Deals promise is the latest innovation taken by the site in order to protect their users, and by extension their own reputation, by filtering out companies that are spurious or otherwise shown to be unreliable. The move is a bold one, and promises to take a lot of the research effort out of the process for users.

A spokesperson for Insurance Auto Cheapest explained their quality controls, “We have people manually researching and investigating to regularly update our website, and they are particularly scrupulous that they only include reliable insurers offering the best deals. If an insurer is found to have a user review rating below our standard, or has seen disputes through the better business bureau, or fail other reputation indicators, we won’t represent them in our database. This is part of our commitment to our users to ensure that they don’t find themselves at the mercy of sharks. While we can make no guarantees and the decision to use a particular provider is ultimately still their responsibility, we can at least hope to inspire confidence that they won’t be taken for granted.”

About Insurance Auto Cheapest
Insurance Auto Cheapest provides an easy platform to shop around for the best of the best deals. Users can compare the terms and discounts offered by competing automobile insurance companies in their area and choose the one that appeals the most. This free and simple zip code based search facility is available for drivers anywhere in the USA. For more information, please visit: