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Insurance Leads Are Abundant but Quality Counts


Newtown Sq, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2016 -- There are numerous ways to find insurance leads if an agent has the drive to succeed and thinks creatively.

Selling insurance is a challenge. Insurance leads, no matter where they come from, are not created equal. Even great leads purchased from a reputable, reliable lead generation company require effort in finding viable leads, working them, and converting them. "Leads do not sell themselves, no matter how good they are," pointed out Clelland Green, RHU, CEO of "If an agent or broker does not take the time to work leads properly when they come in, they lose – lose their time, lose their lead and lose valuable marketing dollars."

Even though creativity in finding leads amongst family or on the Internet is generally a good way to find and convert insurance customers, there is a certain element of frustration that goes with those choices. If an agent wants to sell to potential buyers right away, their best source of viable and pre-screened leads is to purchase them from a lead generation company.

"Yes, it takes time to find a good company that stands behind their leads, does the pre-screening, pre-qualifies callers and can tailor your leads to suit your particular demands, geographic location and niche," added Green. "And yes, you do pay a bit more to get exclusive, top of the line leads. That being said, those leads, if worked diligently, generally pay off handsomely."

It takes good, exclusive leads, to build the foundation of an insurance agency. Some leads, even if they are exclusive, may not buy right away, but may do so later.

"That has to do with the buyer and their time line," said Green, "not what the agent is or is not doing right or wrong. Buyers have their own time lines, but those who have called asking for information are usually in the market either right now or will be later. So don't stop working those leads."

No matter what method an insurance agent prefers for finding and working leads many find that dedication pays off. "It's just a lot easier to buy top of the line exclusive leads from a lead generation company. That is smart spending; spending that pays off in loyal customers," Green said. Green warns to be cautious that the company provides exclusive leads only to one person and not to several other agents.