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Insurance Litigation Services Provided by Alonso Perez LLP

Alonso Perez LLP provides legal services to clients seeking legal assistance, with a strong emphasis on insurance litigation.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2017 -- Alonso Perez LLP's insurance litigation services are intended to represent homeowners and business owners across South Florida in first-party insurance disputes. The firm handles property insurance claims such as arson, vandalism, plumbing leaks, and more recently, the extensive damage caused by major storms like this year's Hurricane Irma.

Alonso Perez LLP has devoted itself almost entirely to disputes involving property insurance. The firm has extensive experience working with and negotiating with insurance companies. If you require legal representation to assist you with your insurance dispute, please call Alonso Perez LLP today at 305-443-6321 to schedule a free consultation.

About Alonso Perez LLP
Consisting of attorney Rafael Alonso, the law firm dedicates itself to representing businesses and individuals across South Florida in insurance disputes. The firm is passionate about serving its clients as a primary resource and partner in all aspects of their business growth and financial development.

For more information call 305-676-7545 to speak with a Miami insurance lawyer or to request a free consultation.