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Insurance Quotes Software Recently Added to Popular Insurance Information Website, youronlineinsuranceagent.com


Queensland, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2011 -- In response to the recent demand for fast and convenient insurance quotes, youronlineinsuranceagent.com is announcing its website that acts as a one stop resource for those seriously shopping for a wide variety of insurance policies.

Until the advent of the Internet shopping for insurance was an exhausting process. Not only did shoppers have to dodge an endless barrage of pushy salespeople but they also had to go through the process of obtaining quotes from each individual provider. Most of the time the process was so monotonous and time consuming that shoppers would just settle for whatever came easiest- never really knowing where to go for reputable insurance resources, and never really taking advantage of their bargaining power as the consumer.

Back then shoppers were under the thumb of the insurance companies, but today that dynamic has completely reversed. Today a shopper can simply go online and receive multiple insurance quotes from a variety of providers. They can then take those quotes and leverage their negotiation power; pitting one insurance company against the other until they obtain the absolute lowest price on the market.

On paper this seemed like a fail-safe process, but while it solved one problem it quickly created another. Today a flood of online insurance quotes websites have hit the market and very few of them provide supplementary advice about actually choosing the right insurance policy. They work under the philosophy that “cheaper is better,” but this isn’t necessarily the case.

“Your Online Insurance Agent” takes insurance quotes a step further by providing advice that goes beyond the first quote. The website stresses that seemingly inexpensive insurance plans are not always the best option: “Some of the more affordable health insurance quotes will be less money each month but could also come with high deductible and high co-insurance costs for the covered person or persons.”

The website suggests that researching beyond the first quote is essential for landing the right plan. It provides a huge database of article and reviews on categories such as affordable health insurance, car insurance, home owners insurance and travel insurance to name a few. “Finding the best insurance quotes takes time but it is also worth the effort put into the cause,” says the website.

Coupled with its new Insurance quote software the website provides shoppers with everything they need to get the absolute best insurance policies on the market. They can obtain quotes easily, research the best policies, and use their knowledge to make the insurance companies fight for their business. To learn more about your Online Insurance Agent, or to get a free quote, please visit: http://youronlineinsuranceagent.com/

About Your Online Insurance Agent
Your online Insurance Agent was created in 2009 out of the need to provide consumers with an unbiased database of insurance information. The company has recently added multiple quote software to their website to provide quotes to consumers with as little invasive information as possible. The site was created with ease of use as its central purpose, and is expected to be one of the big hitters in the insurance quotes/information niche in 2012.