Home Insurance Quotes Comparison Website Provides Free Quotes, Big Savings and Insurance Advice


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2011 --, a Website dedicated to providing free home insurance quotes, has expanded its educational offerings to help homeowners make more informed choices. The site provides homeowners with free online insurance quotes that can save them money from well known and reputable insurance companies.

While every homeowner is aware that they need to insure their most valuable possession, few are aware of what will fulfill their needs and the basics of why and how insurance rates vary. Knowing that the insurance policy must cover the home against theft, fire, smoke and other common damages is just the beginning. Most homeowners are unaware of how to shop for a policy that is tailored to their specific needs, area of the country and most importantly, the amount of coverage that they need.

Although insurance providers use different formulas for determining rates, owners educated on all of the factors affecting home insurance will find it easier to save money without compromising their coverage. Home insurance quotes comparison provides a one-stop online portal for educating homeowners and then providing them with free customized quotes that they can compare and choose from. Thousands of homeowners have utilized the Website and saved as much as 45 percent compared to homeowners utilizing other methods.

Beyond the price of the home, the Website helps owners consider other important factors such as the home’s age, safety features and even the homeowner’s credit rating, which can also affect the insurance rate offered by the insurer. The Website allows homeowners to compare multiple quotes after filling out a simple form that asks some basic questions. Home insurance quotes comparison will take that information and provide the homeowner with as many as five customized quotes from the most reputable insurance providers in the field.

One of the most difficult markets for finding competitive homeowners insurance rates is Florida. Home insurance quotes comparison has extensive experience helping Floridians find the right coverage at an affordable price. No matter where the homeowner is located, the Website provides a simple and free way to get customized quotes that make the providers vie for the homeowner’s business, revealing the best rate. The Website also includes ways to gauge important variable such as customer service as well as what others are saying about their coverage with particular insurers.

Home insurance rates are very individualized so identical properties will have different insurance costs with any two insurers providing vastly differing rates. The ability to compare home insurance quotes in one place and time broadens the homeowner’s search capability as it saves them time and money. For more information on Home insurance quotes comparison, please visit