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InsuranceGofer.com Tops the List for Many Insurance Shoppers Seeking Free Quotes


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2011 -- InsuranceGofer.com, a free online auto insurance quotes directory, has become the overwhelming choice among many consumers as the top directory and information resource for online insurance. InsuranceGofer.com utilizes a thorough insurance provider price information vetting process to assemble hundreds of the very best insurance companies in the United States in a single directory.

Getting insurance quotes can be time consuming and confusing. More difficult still is finding the lowest insurance rate with the best fit. Consumers can greatly benefit from getting quotes for auto insurance online as it provides faster and more consistent results over phone calls or office visits. While everyone is best served by shopping around and obtaining several quotes for comparison, most online quote Websites provide limited company selections from which to choose.

More than just quotes, InsuranceGofer.com provides a robust directory and assessment ratings that find the best prices. To make the process as simple as possible, users merely enter their zip code, click the quote button and they are provided with the top companies providing low cost insurance in their area. Then they simply select the company, enter insurance type and some basic info, and the directory engine provides an automatic quote.

Quotes are useless without an understanding of auto insurance and the factors that affect rates and coverage. Consequently, the Website provides informative articles with important facts and considerations when choosing insurance.

There are many factors that affect auto insurance rates. This list includes driver age, driving history, vehicle model, vehicle safety features, coverage, number of vehicles needing insurance, number of policies a person has with one company, amount of yearly travel and more. The experts at insuranceGofer.com encourage consumers to ask about all of these factors when receiving a quote and get insurance quotes from as many insurance companies as possible.

Consumers must also provide the same information to every insurance company every time to get accurate auto insurance quotes. “Even slight differences in information can greatly affect quoted prices,” said the InsuranceGofer.com representative.

In addition to auto insurance quotes, insuranceGofer.com provides an extensive directory and free quotes for Home, Motorcycle and Health insurance. Although Home and Health insurance are currently not required by law in the United States, being insured may mitigate financial losses due to natural disasters, fire, illness and other tragedies. “Insurance is a very personal choice that often greatly affects a person or family’s life,” said the representative. The more informed a person is about their needs, types of insurance and insurance policy options, the better they can make an informed decision that will bring security, peace of mind and savings.”

For more information and to get free quotes, please visit http://www.insurancegofer.com/auto