Joe Bragg Launches a Market Leading, Independent Guide to Insurance Plans


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/18/2012 -- Insurance policies are often lengthy documents with an abundance of fine print, sub-clauses and conditions that can be overwhelming to the average consumer. These difficulties allow insurance companies to slip clauses past their customers without them necessarily being aware of what it is they’re signing up to.

Insurance Plans 411 has recently launched their website to help consumers navigate the intricate minefield of policies and better understand the practices of the multifarious providers in a very crowded market.

The website covers five principle types of insurance often encountered by the average American: car insurance, life insurance, home insurance, medical insurance and dental insurance. The information about all of these can be accessed via the header bar with a simple click-through.

From there, policies and providers are broken down by state to ensure that no matter where consumers are they will be able to find the best deal in their location.

The Insurance Plans 411 landing page also features editorialized informational content designed to help consumers find the best deal. The sidebar also features tips for saving money on insurance, insurance resources for more detailed and in-depth accounts of the different types of insurance and their relevant terminology, making sure consumers don’t get lost in the jargon.

The quotes section also empowers consumers to take advantage of the competitive market place by encouraging them to compare insurance plans to make sure they’re getting the best deals.

Insurance Plans 411 also holds a great deal of information on the different types of auto insurance available and which might be suitable for consumers, allowing them to save money without spending on unnecessary cover.

The website also has a featured video section with popular insurance information and advertisements to familiarize users with deals they may have missed.

With such a detailed and exhaustive amount of information available and price comparison tools to get the best deals, the site is sure to prove a winner with consumers. The Insurance Plans 411 spokesperson explained their ethos, “we’re a brand new insurance website dedicated to providing information and comparison tools so that those buying insurance can feel safe in the knowledge that they know how to go about getting the best deals.”

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