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‘InsurancePolicy’ Helps Drivers Find the Lowest Car Insurance Rates Possible


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2012 -- After housing expenses and food, car insurance is probably one of the most expensive parts of the monthly budget. Insuring just one driver costs plenty; add in a few more members of the family and a teenager or two and pretty soon the price of the premiums will start to feel pretty overwhelming.

As a result, many people across the country are interested in finding cheap car insurance that can save them some of their hard-earned money while still providing good coverage. Traditionally, this has meant calling or emailing multiple companies—a time consuming and sometimes confusing process.

A website has been creating quite a buzz lately for its fast and free online quote feature, which allows drivers of all ages from all over the country to compare car insurance rates, all from the easy to use site.

InsurancePolicy.org recently added a new section that helps visitors understand some of the slight differences in insurance policies, as well as the prices. Because even the smallest of discrepancies between premiums can add up in terms of costs, knowing everything there is to learn about the policies is very important.

The new section, titled Cheap Car Insurance Companies, includes detailed information on a wide variety of components of policies, premiums, and more.

“An insurance company that offers extremely low car insurance rates might win new customers, but the real test comes when claims are filed,” an article in the new section of the website noted, adding that having the cheapest car insurance companies might translate into poor coverage, but only until the reputation of the company is built.

“After that point most drivers will find one of the reputable car insurance companies. The best car insurance companies are not necessarily the most expensive ones, so every driver must know that car insurance rates are based on multiple factors.”

Since every insurer uses a different algorithm for calculating each customer’s car insurance rates, the best way to find affordable car insurance is to understand what will affect the rate charged by the insurer.

The new section of InsurancePolicy.org then goes on to provide details on many of these factors, including components of the policy, information on comprehensive and collision coverage, liability, medical and more.

About InsurancePolicy.org
InsurancePolicy.org is proud to be providing car insurance quotes to everyone online at no cost. Our quote service is backed by multiple insurance carriers operating all over the United States thus allowing us to provide quotes to most anyone in the USA! The website also includes a vast amount of educational information on car insurance premiums, helping customers understand how to go about getting the best rates. For more information, please visit http://www.insurancepolicy.org/cheap-car-insurance-companies