Joe Bragg Launches Striking New Web Design


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2012 -- Every vehicle owner requires insurance. There is no getting around that. But while consumers can’t control the decision to purchase insurance, they can control how much they pay for it.

One site that has been getting a lot of attention for helping consumers find low rates on auto insurance is The car insurance quotes website was recently redesigned from the ground-up to give visitors a pleasant user experience while improving further the speed of the auto insurance quotes engine.

The website’s redesign puts a renewed emphasis on the ‘Enter Zip Code’ form. Visitors simply type in their Zip code, press the bright green ‘Get Quotes’, and then watch the powerful website go to work. will grab affordable insurance quotes in that area as quickly as possible.

In fact, as a spokesperson explains, the goal of the website is to send insurance quotes to users in just thirty minutes or less:

“When customers are shopping for insurance quotes online, they don’t want to spend all day comparing offers and matching rates. For that reason, our website provides top-quality insurance quotes in under thirty minutes. Once visitors enter their basic information, our site goes to work right away to connect each visitor with an insurance plan that is catered to their needs and budget level. The website redesign was focused on the aesthetics but also the user experience for the visitor making the whole experience as simple as possible. We also redesigned the quotes engine to pull in more results almost instantaneously.”

While the Zip code form might be the most striking part of the newly designed website, includes other information that vehicle owners can use to make an educated decision on auto insurance plans.

The recent website redesign was accompanied by the addition of a plethora of quality editorial content. One page that is particularly popular with visitors discusses the exact factors that go into calculating an auto insurance plan.

For visitors who simply want to learn more about the world of vehicle insurance, the website also features a Q&A section and a glossary. The spokesperson for the site explained how these sections were affected by the recent redesign:

“The primary goal of our site is to help visitors find affordable auto insurance in their area. However, our secondary goal is to educate visitors about the world of insurance. We spent a considerable amount of time developing our Q&A and glossary sections, and visitors will find all of the information they need on those pages.”

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