Intagent - Equipping Real Estate Websites with Drip Email Marketing Solutions

Intagent is offering efficient drip e-mail marketing solutions to clients. Leveraging expertise in real estate marketing, they enable businesses to work on a pool of leads with automated software.


Ann Arbor, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- Intagent is equipping the websites it designs with Drip Email Marketing solutions, an automated process that sends a set of messages to sales leads at the pre-determined time to move them through the sales cycle. Proven to be highly effective in the sales of high-value products, drip email marketing solutions substantially boost the marketing efforts.

“Sale of real estate properties purchased at infrequent intervals can be boosted with this sort of marketing. Well-designed drip marketing campaigns can persuade a prospect to buy property overtime. Drip campaigns allow you to consistently be in touch with your leads with relevant information, releasing valuable resources without neglecting your prospects,” commented a senior executive with the company.

Drip email marketing is geared to dispatch multiple emails to clients over periods of time. The automated process cuts the work time of real estate professionals considerably, enabling businesses to use the resources for other tasks. Efficient use of the tool can result in high conversion rate. The objective of the drip email marketing campaigns is to consistently influence prospects over a pre-set period to create a positive impact about a business.

Automation ensures sales pipeline has fewer leaks. As the executive elaborated, “The idea is to persuade a buyer gradually rather than realizing the sale in one go. It acknowledges the fact that customers don't purchase high value products such as real estate instantly. Rather, they take time arriving on a decision. It relies on an email campaign to sustain their interest, which is likely to conclude with sales.”

Drip marketing allows real estate enterprises to create a stream of regular, steady business. Carefully designed drip marketing campaign with quality content and relevant, interesting information is likely to be successful. Marketers well-versed with the strategy behind drips can use it to the optimum advantage of an enterprise. Anyone looking for website design for property websites must ensure that they are equipped with the system.

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Michigan based Intagent specializes in developing web sites for realtors. The company develops feature-rich websites for realtors tailored to their unique requirements, thus helping them meet their marketing objectives. Leveraging their expertise in real estate website designing, the company helps clients to harness the web to reap rewards. Visit site for more information on real estate agent web design.

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